Basic rules you have to master & realize as a skateboarder



Basic rules you most know, master and realize as a skateboarder.


Know your set up.

What size board you have? Steep or flat concave? What’s your wheelbase? Long or short? Wheel size? You ride hard trucks or loose trucks ? Learn and get to know it all. Why? For many goods reasons. You are constantly changing your board, wheels and trucks, find out what you like, buy this again. If it works for you, great. Don’t fix it. Buy the same or similar sizes of deck, trucks and wheels. It will help you get more consistent & you use less time get to use to new gear. Unless you change your skateboarding terrain, you might want to change you’re set up sizes. Do your friends likes stone cold hard trucks? Great for them, but it might not work for you. Do you tranny friend tell you to ride bigger wheels? Great advise from them. But try doing a crooked with 60mm wheels on ledges. Know your gear, ride what YOU like and not what your friends necessary like. Analyze always what is good for you, did you have a good session? Try and go back and see if you had /have a good set up at that time.


Know your body.


Listen to your body. Are you feeling good? GREAT go shred hard. Are you sore from the session the day before? Is your wrist fucked up? How is your swell bow? Listen, feel and look at your body. Beware your might not be a 100 % at the moment. Your body is sending you a sign, If you have been skating hard for 5 days straight, it might be time for at break, How is your sleep? Did you party all-night and only slept for 4 hours? Well I would not recommend going to the 12 stairs Sunday morning. Most injuries come from not being 100 % ready, your tired, or sore or not focused. Spend always 5 minutes extra EVERYTIME you go skate on warm ups


Know when it is time for rest and Recovery.


You only have a “maximum amount of power“ You are a battery, you can only tolerate so much, and this does not just refer to the your skateboarding performance. Training, school, work, relationships, life, parties and everything in it places “stress” on the your body. A long day in school or work, fighting with your girlfriend, an angry mother on the phone line, is going to fill you up mentally. So that day, you might not be at your full 100 % “charge mode” And you have to accept it, AKA take a break that day. You must also realize you can not go 120 % charge mode everyday. Some days most be “low” impact days or days off the board. Chill man. Remember getting a FULL night’s sleep is 100 % essential. Having a good sleep is most wanted. You recharge & heal your self.


Thomas Kring, Hip



Know your nutrition.

Food is your fuel, getting good quality protein, (meat / fish/ beans) carbohydrates and Healthy fat’s to fuel your shredding AND will speed up your recovery. Remember to have a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, getting all your needs for vitamins and minerals in your diet. This will lead to enhanced ability to deal with the “stresses” of skateboarding and will improved your skateboarding performance. Imagine you’re a Ferrari, are you going to fill it up with crab oil and gasoline? Or premium gasoline engine turbo oil? That’s right.






If you have extra cash, getting a regular massage, therapy, acupuncture. This will boost your recovery, enhance the efficacy of your skateboarding program and lead to greater performance. Did I mention training is good for you also? …





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