2016 Highlights with Nicky Guerrero

Nicky G & Thomas Kring

Nicky Guerrero & Thomas Kring

Nicky Guerrero looks back into 2016, here is what he is thinks stands out.

Nicky Highlights of 2016.

Session: Summer Vert sessions in Fælled Parken

New Spots: X-hall bowl’s

New DIY spot: DIY project  Under the bridge !! ( very close to where Nicky lives)

Men of the year:  Balder Lehman & Danny Carlsen !!

Inspiration & organizer: Thomas Kring

Best design office: Glifberg Lykke design’s

Thanks Guroman ! 

Nicky Crew, Photo: herman møller mom

Nicky Crew, Photo: Herman Møller mom



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