2016-2017 Lodgelights with Hinnerk Petersen

Please name 5 random things that you want to highlight & why for 2016


Watching my son grow a year older and getting to hear him learn to talk both in German and Danish, seeing him interacting with his little homies in the daycare, going on all sorts of small explorative fieldtrips through the city and nature, and enjoying to argue with him every time he can’t get enough of this or that – All that is the greatest gift imaginable…oh yeah, and I almost forgot: taking him to the Fælledparken or the CPH Skatepark and already now getting to share the joy of being with skateboarding – priceless.


Starting DK’s first Skateboard Highschool Education this summer was and is an amazing experience and feels like a great gift. The project is called Skate’N Study and is hosted by a School called KBH SYD HF og VUC in the subrubs of Copenhagen. The aim of Skate’N Study is it to give skaters the opportunity to integrate their passion for skateboarding into their educational career and thereby to give them a whole new drive and power to improve their skills on all levels at once. Not smaller, nor less then that. Currently we just finished the first semester having a crew of 12 students killing it school-wise both on and off their Board. There is still lot to come and many improvements to made in the near future. So be aware and follow us on insta @skatenstudy


Being a semi-foreigner in this country I both get to see what happens in DK and in Germany at the same time – and I also sort of get to feel it. And I can tell, there has never been so much silent fear in the air in these countries as there is right now. Fear of terror, fear of loss of control and fear of what is unknown has spread. Now thats a dangerous cocktail. Many Countries have been challenged by that this year. And even though each country treated these challenges a bit different, we can see the same results of fear and frustration in the media and political decisions all over Europe. All these right-wing fuckers are getting more and more attention and power in politics and media. And as a result of all that we all focus more on saving our own skin instead of opening our minds and arms for what might feel unknown or strange.So in my 30 years of life I have never experienced a collective Zeitgeist that has been more scared then the one of 2016. – wow that was heavy…and abstract. Sorry, don’t know where that came from.


Starting a second job with Skate’N Study also gave my other job at AFUK SKATE, a whole new quality. And i definitely enjoy that. KBH SYD is not one of the most beautiful educational environment imaginable, but the people working there are great. But it’s a heavy contrast to the creative and hippy-esque work-environment you have at place like AFUK. So I both rediscovered the privilege of working at AFUK Skate and at the same time I am super stoked to bring some of that AFUK Skate hippy-spirit into my work at Skate’N Study.


I bought a new old car in June and am still so fucking stoked about it…Its a Skoda Roomster 1.4TDI – I know, it doesn’t get any less sexy. Buuuht: my german family-father-heart is pounding heavily for all the space, comfort and safety of that one…Well, I guess, that’s what parenthood makes of you, once you get into the game…Scary and pretty funny at the same time, though


Please name 5 things that you want to DO and HIGHLIGHT for 2017 and why


I would like to be more present in everything I do. Life only happens once. And even though I am a happy mind the most of my time, I waste a darn big amount of time thinking about no-use things that have happened or are about to. Bullshit waste of time that is. Be here, act now and give love to the things you do/people you are with. You know it’s the truth – and still you’ll keep on forgetting that the next moment. We/I gotta make some Changes to the concept of Skate’N Study in order to make it way more true to skateboarding. Thats what we are going to do next year: Skate’N Study 2.0 in 2017


I would like to travel more. Next year I have to go for at least one smaller and bigger skate-trip with as many homies as possible. I never get to do that and I really miss that.


I have been thinking about my smartphone consumption lately. I am a sucker to technology and virtual recognition in social media. Again: I waste too much time on not being present. I rather stare into my Iphone instead. Just like all the other Zombies on the s-train.


So I will start an experiment. Needing my smartphone for work, I will use it, being at work and leave it there, when I go home. Instead I will try to go back to my beloved old nokia, my analog SLR-camera and my old Ipod. I think I keep my old number for private calls and get a new one for my work-phone.I’ll try that lifestyle for at least two month and see how that will work. And to be honest: I am a bit scared.


Finaly I can’t wait to see how skateboarding in Copenhagen is going to be this year, when winter is over. So many new Streetspots and skateparks popping up. Its gonna be good year.


Oh I almost forgot. In 2017 I have to go out street-skating at least once a week. A true challenge for me. Lets see how that goes…

Anything else ?

Well, I hope you don’t feel like having wasted your time reading all this.

Thanks to ?

I would like to thank everyone who i have met in my life, for have given me what ever they gave to me. Whithout you I wouldn’t be the same wanna-be good looking and stupid monologue-writing skateboard-hippy I am today.Thanks, Buddy, for hookin’ me up again and again.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!


Nosegrind, Photo: Phillip Hambach


AFUK Skate and Create 2016 – Intersection

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