Lodge Guest, Morten Hansen

Morten Hansen, Photo: unknown, credit coming

Morten Hansen, Photo: Michael Richter

Name: Morten Hansen

Current: Job / school:  Managing Director StreetDome

Where are you from? Haderslev

Where do you currently live?  Haderslev, Denmark

What nationaly do you feel the most? Danish

Family status: Single with no known accidents yet

Age: 40 13-01-76

Sponsors: My parents sponsored my Pre-StreetDome years and without their help there would have been no StreetDome i DK-6100

Years of skateboarding: 28 ..from i was 12isch

Board size: 8.6

Wheel size: 53 mm

Trucks:  Indys Steve Olsen signature

I change set up every: Everytime it is needed …i hate when the board looses pop and the bearings gets slow

Current Board trend: the last 5-6 boards has been a Creature 8.6

Shoes: The Lakai Pico model ….how the fuck can you stop producing that shoe model it is the best skate shoe ever. I am on my pair number 8 and cant imagine switching, so Mike Carroll could you please lobby that back in production please

Morten Hansen

Photo: unknown, credit coming

Please state your type of terrain on your board in hours, days and years or other 


Street: 33% (but until we got the Dome 80%)

(Skatepark) Flow Street: 16,5%

Miniramp: way too little …because the Dome needs a oldboys miniramp

Vert: 0% i am a pussy scared to death of that beast

Bowl: 33 % (0% before StreetDome)

Freestyle: … does a varial underflip count as freestyle????

Please tell us about your daily DAY by the hours,  (or tell us about your longest day the last week’s) we want to know how your day is looking like

I just got back from 15 days surfing in Marokko as my first vacation this year, so i can tell you about one of the days just before take-off that a typical day in my life

06.00 –

07.00 – Snooze

08.00 – …snooze again …because i sat working late last evening with some of the more fun and creative thing in StreetDome like a big contest idea i´m working on

09.00 wake up, Eat Müsli, read news and bitch on socialmedia about the current state of shitty things

10.00 Start working on StreetDome matters, usually mails and boring admin stuff in company with a triple espresso

11.00 Posts on socials about a Kingpin Magazine named StreetDome one of the best Skate Plazas in Europe … Re-post that Børsen posts that news from Kingpin

12.00 Interview with Jyllands Posten about StreetDome due to Kingpins mention

13.00 Work on setting up and fine tuning the multimedia infrastructure at StreetDome in the Café and office space, so that we can airplay video and audio to screens and speakers

14.00 Give a tour around StreetDome to a group of municipality cultural employee network that have a annual meeting in Haderslev

15.00 Open StreetDome …cleaning the worst garbage the kids left the day before .. talking to the kids that already there for the daily hang-out and session

16.00 Turn-off all contact and work a projects and tasks that is a part of the job ..usually trying to focus on long-term solutions and projects that will benifit

17.00 …same …unless Ebbe, Bo Villumsen or Jesper Andreasen called that day with some skateboard agenda that should take 5 min but ends up taking 45 mins .. i think that was the day

18.00 …more StreetDome work …now probably while eating because i forgot it earlier

19.00 … still working

20.00 A session at the Dome …way too short these days because of longterm trouble with pain in right knee …i should get some surgery or doctors magic to fix that

21.00 Dinnertime …i usually cook myself to eat healthy and save money for surf vacation and/or gas for the VW T4 Cali adventures …a good habit from all the years as a poor bastard with a StreetDome in progress

22.00 Chilling and surfing the web …usually ends up with work related stuff

23.00 Yoga for 40-50 min …i picked it up a couple of years ago to stay fit and flexible enough for skateboarding and surfing (i just started surfing 2-3 years ago and it is hard as fuck) .. i can recommend the “Fitstar Yoga” app if you want to do Yoga by yourself

24.00 Working on a projects .. i love working on ideas and creative stuff at night

01.00 …more work

02.00 … i should go to bed

03.00 …fuck its 3 am ..sit and relax a bit before finally turning in





How are you doing at the moment? 

Pretty good ..i love me job, the lifestyle i am so fortunate to have and all the goodhearted people i meet through StreetDome, Skateboarding and surfing … i am still hyped about that we succeeded with StreetDome and the years of detours, frustration and despair to find a path that made sense ended here.

But then again it could be better ..

Haderslev could be better, Skateboardings patrons and decision makers could be better at learning from the good examples and the good people instead of letting the horrible standards of the 90´s back in

Denmark could be better at appreciate instead of fearing

The world could take the problem serious

Politics and the people in it is fucked and should get their hands more dirty

How is your body at the moment, (injuries, knees, back, and so)?  

Right knee is semi-fucked and the body is getting old but otherwise ok …i will get back

When did you start to skate and why?  What tricked you into this? 

I started back in the summer of ´88 12 years old when i met the Büchert Brothers in Haderslev (Who is actually the brothers of lodge guest Anders Moes wife) and the toystore Legekæden had a skateboard with concave and crocodile graphic that was actually pretty decent.

Those guys together with the danish book “Skateboard” and the Powell Peralta Movie Public Domain chan

Do you think you made the right choice  (instead of playing football FX?)? 

No doubt ..i actually gave up being the soccer talent and i remember on day on my way to an important talent soccer camp i just wanted to go skateboarding so i called the couch an said i´m out for good.

Anything that influences you at the moment? 

Music always inspireres me especially jazz and improvisational music … the way you can get freedom and play what you want as long as you respect the framework of the song, the dynamics of music and the people you play do the same … it is just like skateboarding …everybody should read “ind i musikken, Peter Bastian” and learn to play music

But also: The Berrics and WSL Surfing  .. a guy like Nicky Guerrero ..My former Chair of the board at StreetDome Morten Grøn … All skateboarders, surfers and snowboarders that just enjoys rolling, being in the water and on the mountain

Please comment your feelings, memories  (if you are that old)   & know how about Skateboarding in the 

80s It was innocent and magical… all about appreciation …create and skate it …. just rolling was cool and learning tricks was like god laid a hand on you and gave you forever glow

90s It was fun and good times with the gang.. 80´s but with beers, teenagers going crazy and fucking the rules … we started the first version of the old skatepark in Haderslev (where the old concrete park is now …No more innocence and way more trouble where skateboarding as the outlet and the only thing that stuck

2000+ Started with a long skateboarding break and the break ended with me coming back from Copenhagen .. i went into our local famous Grillbar Jønnes and met a petition for an indoor skatepark that over 800 people signed and i got involved in what would be the start of StreetDome (called SkateCity at the time) … October 2004 SkateCity was formed with me as chairman (some would say diktator) … I remember using a whole week of my fall vacation writing a report about the current state and a plan about that skatepark that was actually a bit mad .. i picked up skateboarding again an really fell in love all over again especially because Haderslev just made our town place  and skatespot Gravene and the Mayor let us skate there

But personally the this decade was tough times with no money, dispear, frustration and detours ..some goes for the StreetDome project ..this was no joke but you try until you land it right

2010+ Skateboarding is like music … the soul and backbone of skateboarding will always be this marvelous magical thing that forever evolves and transforms with the people and the surrounding doing it no matter how it was before and who liked what and why … it an Artform and lifestyle culture .. People will always get moved and enriched by that wether they do it or experience it

In this era Skateboarding went from a era with fashions, styles, do´s and dont´s …to be a free art form … a freespace for everybody to enjoy and interpret in their own way ..be beautiful and make them free .. play and give a fuck about what people think

This era became the era that Skateboarding would bloom and transform from the ugly duckling into the swan … Skateparks like StreetDome got their big breakthrough and in october 2014 the unbelievable thing happened … I, we and StreetDome reached the goal … we landed the trick of all time .. one of the best skatepark in world opened in a little town in southern Denmark and i got the job as managing director.

Do you feel skateboarding is in a good way? 

Art is always good wether you like the piece or not …same goes for Skateboarding ..but fuck yeah this is the decade where every aspect of skateboarding just explodes

Where do you stand & please comment with skateboarding in the Olympics? 

If pretending a shitty contest every 4 years is important to get the enemy to finance more Pro careers and good skatepark, that would be pulling the trick on Sports …just remember skateboarding is an art form and we stand up and fight for the soul of Skateboarding we are gonna be alright .. Just like ISF, Gary Ream and Neal Hendrix does .. Know your/skateboardings roots and give back what you got enriched from and take a responsibility to make sure that the next generation gets the same as you did … freedom of expression

Where do you stand in terms of politics?

No comment

When I chill, I chill with,

Music, Art, Movies and traveling

I’m have been on a mission lately in (with)

learning to surf

Dream session would be, 

like last oldboys gathering at StreetDome …that was epic

Lately I have been working on,

A disruptive model for a Skateboarding association


Beer: First

Wine: Second

Liquor: winning terrain

Breakfast: Müsli with milk topped with fresh fruit and a 4xEspresso with sugar (Portuguese style)

Lunch: …trying to get it in as a rutine but i am not good a lunch .. fruit, sandwich or whatever temptation is near

Dinner: Usually home cooked pot dishes like the favorite Chili con Carne

Late-night snack: Flutes, parma ham, Manchego cheese andPesto .. that is a classic (an proof i am getting old)

Resturant: Not often enough ..when i do it usually traveling on a surftrip .. it cheaper and usually something with fresh fish

Skateboarders: All with personal style and personality …there a soo many

Skatepark: StreetDome, Helsingør (i love that park and think it´s underrated)

Skate spot: Gravene Haderslev, SEB Cph,

Skate film / clip: again …there are so many … i like when they are different, personal, artsy, gnarly

You fave Tricks: the boardslide, a tranny frontside 5-0, a treflib, Impossible, the wallride, a back lip anywhere you make it …but again made with style, flow and a bit of originality im sold

i will stop here.. like music and skateboarding there has to be space for  .. Fill in with your own imagination ..and go explore

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