Lodge PRO, Danijel Stankovic

Jugga, Foto:

Jugga, Foto: friends of post

Name: Danijel Stankovic but people call me Jugga or Juggaboltz

Current: job / school: Doing the brand Post,  Work for Nike SB

Where are you from? Malmo Sweden

Where do you currently live? Amsterdam and Malmo

Kids / family status: 5 year old son, 15 year old bonus daughter and my Wife

Age: 33

Sponsors: The national skateboard company, Spritfire, Free Pizza, Lostart, Nike sb

Board size: 8,5

Wheel size: 50mm formula 4 spitfire

Trucks: indy forged titanium 149s


Jugga & Martin, foto:

Jugga & Martin, foto: Nils (?) we have a black out, credits coming

When I chill, I chill with. Usually with my family, grandparents and friends, Maxi my son is a real chill pill so he’s always good to chill with.

I have been on a mission lately in, to be honest I haven’t really been on a mission lately since its been cold, last one was in Paris with the National boys, and Us in Dec. right now im skating Bryggeriet on Saturdays during the Old bastards session, So much fun, and In Amsterdam my friends have a private TF where I watch Wieger killing the ledge everytime we have a session. it’s a great way to maintain and prepare for spring, gotta keep it floating right.

Lately i have been working on, Bunch of stuff, feels like we tend to never stop working, Trying to figure out new stuff for Post Details together with my Kolega Martin Ottosson, Working on The national video, my new album, my hand crafted daft punk helmets, sorting out 10 year of photography that needs to be reviewed and selected. and collecting pics for interviews so pretty much trying to stay busy as possible,

When im home I like to. Hang with friends and Family, still a gamer, playing a lot of Wii with my son and Call of Duty with the boys, Harvesting quite some series at the moment, Walkign dead, just finished Last man on earth trying to have as much fin I can.

I normaly call my homies for. Boys, Kolegas

Your homies are the best, love em all and wish I could have hang more with everyone.

I enjoy to,  go to bed, hehe that’s always a good one whan you have kids and staying busy, But of course I enjoy traveling a lot.

Faviorite drink is, Coors light and Hendricks tonic

To go to resturant is,  a great way to escape the daily routine’s and treat yourself a bit.

But I have a way I do it, for me its more about each place have its top dish, so i usually choose from what I would like to eat and then pic the place for that specific dish, its very rare that I try to go through a whole menue event though iv been to the place 100 times.

Favorite skateboarders,  to many but it I roll it our from the beginning.

Drake jones, Kareem Campbell, Brian Anderson, Ricky Sandstrom, Andreas Engelkes, Muska, Penny, Arto, Appelyard, Van, Ave, Heath, MJ, Hjalte, Kleppan, Street Oski, Martin Ottosson, John D and the once I forgot.

Favorite skatepark,  LES new york, prob the best park iv ever skated, Bryggeriet, Showroom.

Jugga can fly, foto:

Jugga can fly, for real  Foto: by Martin Hallberg

Favorit spot way to many, for sure not the obvious like macba or Parallel not my cup of tea.

When I do not skateboard I, Work, sleep, eat, shit, hang, chill.

When I get old I want to, be able to look back and be happy about what i have experienced

I would like to see more girls on the boards, they seem to have way more fun than us.

My future looks like,  nothing i have planned.

I dream of, flying and to hang with Justin Bieber

Thanks : Thank to Kring for always being awesome, and everyone else I know.

Thanks to Jugga for supporting the lodge, Sorry that we kind of posted this a bit too late, we got lost.   



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