TEXT: Renton Miller
Hey, hope all is good and you are hopefully looking at spending some time in the Australian sun on some quality concrete this Summer…
Just to let you know, we have some Contests on in Australia around the time of Bondi Bowlarama.
The weekend before Bowlarama on the 11th of February we have King Of Concrete Bateau Bay an hour drive from Bondi at a great Beach town that has an amazing new park. This will have $5,000 AUD purse, and the skatepark will be a great experience (see pic of Jedd blasting a frontside air below)
We also have King Of Concrete Noble Park in Melbourne on 28th of January with $1,000 AUD.
On the 4th of February we have Bowl Riot in Melbourne which will have a $20,000 AUD Purse on a new bowl at Globe. We will have $10,000 AUD in the 16 and Under Division.
If you are interested in more information please send me an email. We have lots more events but these are the ones just prior to Bondi Bowlarama (18th February). You can also check Shredability Facebook page
Hope all is good!
Renton Miller



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