Lodge Guest, Johnni Frederiksen

Johnni Frederiksen. Foto: unknown, kinda blurry.

Johnni Frederiksen. Foto: unknown, kinda blurry.

Name: Johnni Frederiksen

Current: Job / school: Janitor at a public school

Where are you from? 5580 Nr.Åby Fyn Denmark

Where do you currently live?  NV, Copenhagen

What nationaly do you feel the most? All Danish

Family status: I have my girl and my dog Viggo. All I need. my life for now

Age: 36

Sponsors: Streets of Copenhagen

Years of skateboarding: 20 i guess

Board size: 8,5

Wheel size: 54

Trucks:  Indy for life

I change set up every: hard to say, but I hate worn down boards

Current Board trend: Well I’m pretty straight. Chocolate board, normal shape

Please state your type of terrain on your board in hours, days and years or other 

Well due to all my parking injuries I don’t get to skate as much as I’d love too but in time of better health it would look like this ish

Street: I like to spend a good afternoon at the red plaza skating flatground.

(Skatepark) Flow Street: If the park is not too crowded I like a good session at fælledparken or the oldboys session in the indoor park 🙂

Miniramp: I love mini, but we really need a good minicamp around NV and Nørrebro. Bigger than NBP and maybe wood instead of concrete. (I might start a fundraising to build one somewhere 😀 )

Long board: Dont have one, but I like to ride thru town on my cruiser board

Vert: Never dropped in, I’m too scared…

Bowl: I miss the old bowl from XHall

Freestyle: I might have a bit of fun with som weird shit while im at the red plaza hehe… I like it even thou its corny as fuck :p

Board slide, foto: unknown

Board slide, foto: unknown

Please tell us about your daily DAY by the hours,  (or tell us about your longest day the last week’s)  We want to know how your day is looking like

06.00 alarm rings (snooze until 6:30) Walk my dog and head for work after that

07.00 Start my work day

08.00 work

09.00 Big ass breakfast with fruits, skyr, berries, müsli and honey


11.00 work

12.00 Off to the gym

13.00 work-out

14.00 Home from the gym, eating omelet with veggies

15.00 Walking the dog. If the weather is nice we cruise around town in my cargo bike saying hi to everybody. If my knee allows it maybe go for a session, even thou its been a while.

16.00 If the weather sucks I might stay in and do som painting, maybe on an old used skateboard

17.00 Chilling

18.00 Preparing dinner for me and who ever I might hang out with. Mostly my girl these days 🙂

19.00 eat

20.00 Chill, paint, playing a game, making a jigsaw puzzle , depends on my mood, maybe try to watch a movie

21.00 chilling some more

22.00 last walk with the dog

23.00 off to bed

24.00 sleep

How are you doing at the moment? Im fucking great. I can’t complain… We all have bad days but as long as I can smile before bedtime, and a lot of times during the day, I’ll say that I’m great 🙂 I’m taking good care of me for once, and I love my girlfriend. (I hate that I can’t skate so much, but trying to get back in shape. *Read next Q/A)

How is your body at the moment , (injuries, knees, back, and so so ) ?  My kees and wrists are busted after several surgeries. I have a bad case of osteoarthritis ( Danish:  slidgigt) in both knees, and a bit in the hands too. I used to be a big dumb idiot who would not listen to people telling me to take care of myself. So now I’m paying the price… Im really trying to get my knees in shape for some more skating, but first off, it starts with just loosing the everyday pain.

When did you start to skate and why ?  what tricked you into this ? Like a lot of kids I startet on rollerskates. Then after a couple of years on a boarding school I really fell for skateboarding. Lucky me, we had a new piece of flat made for skating in Nr.Åby when I got home, and FB just opened APq in his dad’s house. Thats where I got my first setup, and FB has been a BIG support for me ever since. (Same shoe size didn’t make it worse 😉 )

Please comment your feelings about Skateboarding in  the 


90s Struggling but REAL. 411VM kept us updated

2000 Thats where shit got seriuos for me. Seeing all the new videos i the early 2000s was mad crazy Flip Sorry, Yeah Right and those kinds really opened my eyes. Going to help Albert building the park for Scandinavian Open for a few years was a BIG thing for a kid like me. It really blew my mind.


Now shit is just ridiculously crazy. I can’t believe how far skateboarding came. One kid is better than the other and you REALLY gotta step up to follow the talent these days. Still I feel that its more and more “allowed” to keep it at your own level and still gain love and respect without being the best. Back in the day I feel like the best skater got the most respect. Now everybody is hanging out no matter age, sex og level of talent 🙂

Do you feel skateboarding is in a good way ? HELL YEAH

Where do you stand & please comment with skateboarding in the olympics  ? Well, for me its fine. I think it’s a bit ridiculous but it might also get Mr and Mrs Denmark a different view on us, and maybe get the “street-rat” stamp off our back for once. Might even open the possibilities for even more skatespots/parks, so all is good with me. If a danish skater gets invited, fuck man GO FOR IT: I can’t wait for 2024, then someone can actually break an olympic record in skating hahaha 🙂 Unless someone makes a perfect 10 in 2020 that is 😉

Where do you stand in terms of politics ? 

I’m Robin Hood…

When I chill, I chill with,

Steven Tayler, Bønk, Diego, Benni Rubæk, Isak, Doc Keiff, Sonny, and who ever drops in or hangs out where I do. I’m friends with almost everybody. -and of course MY GIRL LOTTE AND MY DOG VIGGO

I’m have been on a mission lately in (with) My last mission was cooking food at the red plaza for Kedettens “Bestline/Best trick” 😀 #johnnisgademad

Dream session would be, Me with no pain with ALL my friends. No matter what spot, right now I just dream of a session with no pain and all the boys and girls

Lately I have been working on, painting a skateboard for my nephew with a Star Wars theme. So far I painted BB8 and Boba Fett 🙂

When I was little I would like to, be a mailman

When im home I like to, call my friends or hang out with my girl… ( I hate being alone hahaha)

I normally call my homies for, Whatever. mostly to ask them over for dinner and a hangout 🙂

Your homies are,  all around me. My friends are many, my homies even more

I enjoy going to,  the gym believe it or not

Favorite drink is, TUBORG and Watermelon BREEZER

Favorite food is, Oh thats a tough one… I cook so much that I have a new favourite several times a week 😀

Favorite drugs,  Well I stopped smoking weed so it must be endorphins and if we party its TUBORG and Watermelon BREEZER

Favorite drunk moment’s ? Cruising town with a crew on bikes going wherever we believe will be the funniest 😀

Favorite music, Don’t get me started

Favorite film,  Star Wars

Favorite skateboarders, Flex, Isak, Ginger, Chris Ø, Steven T, Tom P, AJ, and a lot more… (i enjoy watching Luan Oliveira, he’s a magician)

Favorite skate film, Hmm maybe Flip Sorry.

Favorite skatepark, Where ever I’m allowed to build and create stuff…

Favorite spot, Red Plaza for now. Any DIY just because its made from the heart

Favorite woman / men  (blond, fat, thin, big, small) Feminin it shapes

When I cook, I cook, FOR REAL!!!

To go to resturant is, Halifax or where ever I can light my own BBQ

To go to trick is, 360 shove it

To go to trick when you are farked is, 360 shove it

To go to trick when you are winning is, maybe a 360 shove it…

TOP 3 Cities, Nørrebro, Cristianshavn ond Vesterbro… I love CPH, and haven’t travelled that much

When I travel, I always bring,  My bike and Viggo

Best travel advice I can give is, As diego said in is interview: Let yourself get lost and explore your surroundings. Look up!!!

Best life advise I can give is, Look up!!!

Are you good with money  ( do you plan, safe it,  cash in or blow it )? I hate money

Best travel memory you want to share?  

My trip to Copenhagen for Scandinavian open before I moved here…

When I do not skateboard I, live life

My fitness program is, 4-5 times a week. Trying to get a stronger body and less pain

Anything that concerns you at the moment ? Trump

When I get old I want to, hopefully I won’t be a grumpy old man who hates the youth. I wanna be openminded and watch what new crazy shit the youth came up with

I would NEVER,  hurt anybody on purpose

I would like to see more of, the world

That one time where I was in jail because of, believe it or not, but I’ve NEVER been arrested

I should do more of,  travelling but It’s hard wit a dog like Viggo, and a pay check tat SUCKS

My future looks like,  I don’t know but I will never give up fighting for happiness. Right now it looks pretty damn good

I dream of some day that I would, see the world and visit friends in all sort s of places

The book I currently read is, none. I fall a sleep reading

The best travel I have been on,  yeah well, I never left DK for more than a week or two and only to sunny tourist places so yeah… Gotta say Roadtripping with some friends in DK I guess

On Netflix / youtube  I watch,  Zap de Spion, Vikings and GoT…

If I could change the world I would, free the minds of people who believe the media

Everybody should own a, cargo bike

The hobby I have, no one knows about is, Well somebody knows but I’m playing a bit of guitar and I have a pretty god ear for tones and musik 😀

I will never get rid of, my skateboard, no matter how little I use it…

I would love to be in a movie with, R2D2

Any regrets in life so far ? Working too hard being too heavy for my legs to carry me…

I currently follow (social media, instagram twitter, Facebook) Mostly friends from far and near and a few skaters I don’t know personally… I really love Skatersvin and ButtShotmag

Anything else,  Be more open to people, even thou you don’t share the same hobbies. You’d be amazed how many nice people are rollerblading and bmx’ing and so on  Unite and share the love for standing out

Random storys you wanna share ? That one time, at band camp….hehe Nah I think we’re all covered  Except that time at Roskilde when I jumped over a tent, face first, no injury hahaha

Thanks, to the lodge. Awesome to be invited

Not too many videoparts but I have this one link. Good old fun times from maybe 13 years ago


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