Lodge Guest, Karl Berglind

Kalle, in Copenhagen skatepark. foto: Thomas Kring

Kalle, in Copenhagen skatepark.


Current: job / school: Bryggeriets Gymnasium in Malmo

Where are you from? Malmo

Where do you currently live? Malmo, trying to migrate to California asap though…

Kids / family status:  My family means the world to me

Age: 16

Sponsors: Vans, Welcome, Brixton, Ace, Bronson, Streetlab, Kreed eyewear

Years of skateboarding: 7,5

Board size: Anything between 8.25 to 8.4           

Wheel size: 53 but starting to switch over to 55

Trucks: Ace Stage 2 44s

I change set up every: It depends, whenever I chip either the tail or the nose badly. I switch.

When I chill, I chill with. Either the main homies in Malmo or the vans team. Doesn’t matter, I´ll chill with however that´s not a douchebag.

Im have been on a mission lately in ( with) Just traveling around the globe skating contests.

Lately i have been working on,  Getting my Swedish ass back to California as soon as possible..

When I was little I would like to… Used to play hockey for 6 years, got tired of it and started skating more

When im home I like to,  Drink tea and watch Friends on Netflix with my bulldog hah

Normaly call my homies for, It depends, we all have different ones but they always change as we switch to other stupid topics. I love em <3

Your homies are,  My main bro and lifestyle manager, 4Doug, my other manager Sam Prabert who´s always driving me and my squad around to different parks. Bitch-aki, tarkan, hipster marku, aglot and whoever. I love em all


Lifestyle manager, 4doug shown here with a glass of Red wine.

Lifestyle manager, 4doug shown here with a glass of Red wine.


I enjoy to go to,  a place that I´ve never visited before.

Favorite drink is,  Coke

Favorite food is,  Pizza for sure

Favorite drug,  Nah fam.

When I cook,  I cook burgerssssss

I listen to,  Shitty modern trap, old school house. I don’t fux with metal. Ugh,,

To go to resturant is, Heleneholms Pizzeria. Shu Amo

Favorit skateboarders,  Ronnie Sandoval, Ishod, Dvargs

Favorite skatepark,  Stapel til infinity

Favorit spot,  The one in Innsbruck, austria

TOP 3 cities,  San Diego, Melbourne and Malmo I guess

My fitness program is: I like running a lot. Just going out alone with music blasting in my ears and run. Feels good.

When I get old I want to,  own at least two project cars in my garage that I can build

I would like to see more of,  I want to travel as much as possible. So just see more parts of the world I guess

That one time where I was in jail because of ,  Nah fam

I should do more of,  Ho-Hos

My future looks like,  Hopefully not in rainy malmo.



Kalle killing it in France, foto: unknown, credits coming.

Kalle killing it in France, foto: unknown, credits coming.



Anything else & Thanks, 

Thanks to all the homies and my family for being there for me. Also a big shoutout to all the peeps hating on my song choices on Insta. One love. Thanks Thomas.


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