Lodge Guest, Emil Lune Larsen

Emil in Berlin, Foto: Maria

Emil in Berlin, Foto: Maria

Name: Emil Lune Larsen.

Current: Job / school: Product Development Engineer and Qa Manager at Hay Furniture’s.

Where are you from? 

Svorgerslev, Dianalund, Roskilde, The Country side in Denmark.

Where do you currently live? Copenhagen.

Family status: 3 Kids and the most amazing girlfriend.

Age: 40 years.

Sponsors: I´m out of the sponsor game.

Years of skateboarding: 28 years in the game.

Board size: 8,35 – 8.5

Wheel size: 52

Trucks: Indy´s , the ones that fit the board size

I change set up every: Whenever it´s needed.

Current Board trend: Always apply a sticker on the deck for good luck. I like the deck top layer to be yellow.


Please state your type of terrain on your board in %


Street: 50%

(Skatepark) Flow Street 43%

Miniramp: 4%

Long board: 0%

Vert: 0%

Bowl: 3%

Freestyle: 0%


Your daily DAY by the hours, (or tell us about your longest day the last weeks)


06.00 Aaarrgghh gotta get up,..!! Is it Friday..?? I try to get Lucky..!!

07.00 Get the Kids going, and deliver them to school and kindergarten.

08.00 Work and more Coffee

 16.00 Job done

17.00 Family life.

18.00 Family life.

19.00 Put the kids to sleep

20.00 Sk8..!! If not I get super restless and might go to the gym.

21.00 Sk8..!!

22.00 Chill

23.00 Hopefully I get lucky..!! ZZZzzzz

24.00 ZZzzzzz


How are you doing at the moment?
Feeling great, but too busy.

How is your body at the moment , (injuries, knees, and so so ) ?

Trying not to get too fat I’ve got some knee issues. I need to go to the gym a bit more in order to strengthen the knee.

Please comment on Skateboarding in the:



Skateboarding was unreal, from my perspective as a kid. It was a brand new world.


was my peak and a lot of wired shit went down, some good some bad. Interesting new styles was refined.


Skateboarding starts to get big. Interesting kids coming up.


Wish I had my peak in this time. Skateboarding is fun again.

When I chill, I chill with,

The Family and whoever is down for chilling.

I’m have been on a mission lately in (with)

MC´ing / Speaking The Nike SB Euro tour. Best time ever with William, Keld, Ben Smidth, Simon Dokkedal & Cohnny Jazz Will and Svend, Known as the CPH Crew or Keld Crew,Thank you Keld and William.

Dream session is,

Nis, Bebe jones. Paaby, Hjalte, Keld, Ben Smith, William, Jimmy Jetset All the OG. Jamers Crew. All the homies. Stoked to skate with Stege and them, just a great session with the homies.

Lately I have been working on,

Trying to make my kids behave.

When I was little I would like to,

Be a pro skater.

When im home I like to,

Chill with the family and hang out with the homies.

I normally call my homies for,

A session and cold beverages, to hang out with the family and chill in a park.

Your homies are,

Nis, Keld, Paaby, OG. Jamers Crew, Lau Ebbesen, Bebe, Jens B. Everybody who’s down to chill you know who you are.

I enjoy going to,

To the beach and date night with my Girlfriend. Watch Tv-series and listing to music.

Favorite drink is,

Rum (thanks Keld ) Aperol and other alcoholic bevages. Water is a classic I never get bored off.

Favorite food is,

Anti Pasti, Soft tacos, whatever the world has to offer.

Favorite drug,

Love, Music, Rum and alcoholic beverages.

Favorite music,

Anything from The Stones, Stone roses, Joy Division, Nas, Mø, Jimi Hendrix, kvelertak, Spids nøgenhat, Khruangbin (thanks Villads) The National, Depeche mode, Bruce Springsteen, Curtis Mayfield, Classic punk. Everything goes no boundaries.

Favorite film,

Can’t name one. True Romance was epic back then, Schindlers list is a must see, Back to the future.

Favorite skateboarders,

Hjalte, AVE, Karl Watson, Rune Glifberg, Jason Lee, Gino, Mike Carroll, March Johnson. I never had one favorite skater. The list is endless.

Favorite skate film,

Biggest eye opener was Video days and Trilogy. I’m impressed with the new Polar film. I’m not nerdy about skate vids.

Favorite skatepark,


Favorite spot,

The Red plaza is fun.

Favorite woman / men (blond, fat, thin, big, small)

Like all the women out there. However my girlfriend stands out, she´s a keeper.

When I cook, I cook,

Too Quickly. Got to be done with fast. The Kids are hungry.

To go to resturant is,

Osteria 16 still needs to visit my homies at Italo Disco.

To go to trick is,

Fs. Shovit.

To go to trick when you are farked is,

Get the good vides going.

To go to trick when you are winning is,

Bs. Smith grind.


Bs TAIL SLIDE, Fælledparken Foto: Tobias Plass

Bs TAIL SLIDE, Fælledparken Foto: Tobias Plass


TOP 3 Cities,


New York.

The world is a big place.

When I travel, I always bring,

An open mind.

Best travel advice I can give is,

Bring an open mind.

 Best travel memory you want to share?

Too many to mention, however this year on the Nike Sb tour in Paris the after party place kept the rooftop bar open and free only for the Copenhagen Crew. Odd but great. à votre santé.

When I do not skateboard I,

I go to work and chill with the family and think of how can I do better.

My fitness program is,

Trying to imitate the Rehab exercises in the Gym. Unfortunately I’m not able to make it to the Rehab.

When I get old I want to,

Get lots of Luv.

I would like to see more of,

Love in the world and less ignorant people.

That one time where I was in jail because of,

I always kept me underneath the radar, never got caught,

I should do more of,

Push ups and work smart.

My future looks like,

All good.

I dream of,

The easy life.

The book I currently read is,

I want to start reading, Just kids by Patti Smith. If my kids would allows it

The best travel I have been on,

With my girlfriend to New York.

On Netflix I watch,

None. Check out the Night of, on Hbo.

If I could change the world I would,

World peace, baby.

Everybody should own a,

An open mind. Damn that´s hippie out.

The hobby I have, no one knows about is,

I’ve got some ideas for furniture design going. But don’t got the time to do it probably.

I will never get rid off.

The Good times you got to live.

Life advise so far ?

Be free and keep the dream alive.


To the Lodge and Thomas Kring, Skateboarding , William and Keld for the Tours. Whoever hooks me up with gear and great deals (Thank you Sir´s) , all my homies and friends out there you know who your are Much love..!!

Now let´s go skate.!!


Thanks LUNE for supporting the lodge  !  

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