Lodge Guest, Didrik Galasso



Where are you from ? Larvik, Norway

How old are you ? 22

Sponsors ? Enjoi, NikeSB, Official, SmoothieXchange, Independent

Board, Trucks & Wheel size ? Enjoi 8.1 with independent 139 trucks and 53mm formula4,

What is your normal skate terrain ? What are we skating today ?

Why do you skateboarding in the first place ? Why not ?

Tell us how a great day is looking for you Waking up, eat breakfast, walk the dogs, drink coffee, watch some parts, go skate rest of the day, until dinner time 🙂

Any hobbys besides skateboarding ? Food cooking, Biking

Favorite skateboarders at the moment ? Rodrigo TX, Jake Johnson, Heitor da silva, Oski,Thaynan,Tom Knox there is way to many to mention

What is the future of skateboarding ? How do you see it ? I’m not really sure lets wait and see

How are you doing at the moment ? Are you fit for fight ? Am doing good, yes Im fit for fight ! haha

Have you been on any mission(S) lately, you wanna tell about about ? Yes, been on a lot of missions lately, trying to finish up this part thats coming out real soon

Who do you normally skate with ? Depends on where i am and who wants to skate. But mostly all the homies in my hometown Larvik.

How does your weekends normally look like ? its really depends on where i am but when I’m here back home i like to take it mellow, go skate, meet up with the homies, drink a couple beers 🙂

What is your plan this summer, please let us know a few things your gonna do ? just gone take it as it comes, Definitely try to move as much as possible. Travel, skate, having a good time



Photo: Alex papke, fs boardslide/Long Beach


What is the future of vert, street or bowl ? Do you see any new directions ? the future looking bright for sure, everyone is kiling it !

What motivates you at the moment ? Friends, family and that the good weather is on the way

Do you cook food ? if so, what do you cook ? Am really interested in the indian cuisine

Favorite food ? Indian, brasilian



How does it feel to be on the lodge ? It feels great

Best Lodge interview / post you have read and why ?  I like the ones where my friends get interviewed, they are interesting and funny to read

Any thank you’s Thanks to all my friends and family

What do you want to know about other skateboarders, do we miss a question ? All the questions are pretty solid

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