5 MUST DO’s this summer with Frederik Bengtsson

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This is Frederik Bengsson. He is the owner / co owner of www.wdbm.dk  Rays skate shop & Emporium distribution. Yes he is a old industry skaterat. He have known him for years. 
Lets see what he is up to this summer  2016.  Dope to have you in the lodge Freddy. I was maybe suppose to cut  your screen shot foto, until i realized you have suggested pages on your pc  called  “fuckery At it’s finest”   EXTRA LODGE POINTS FREDDY !  This is very COOL.  please enjoy this for a moment.  
1. WDBM#13 – I have to find time to get the last couple of articles done, so Morten Adamsen can get the magazine done in time for “School start” in August. The new issue is filled with photos and good stuff from around Denmark.
2. Lakai “introduction of the 4 “new” guys on the Danish team” video – I’ve been working on a small video project with Tobias Bisse, Mads Brithon, Benjamin Winther, and Max Rohrberg. Yes! That’s the new Lakai squad. Young guys all friends, all skating together… it will be a cool addition to Jonas Daater and Kern Handler.
It’s supposed to be out in the beginning of July when we ( @emporium_dist ) take over the distribution of Lakai in Denmark and start to ship out shoes to all the Danish skate shops.
3. Cph Open – Can’t wait to go there and see some great skating and having a blast as always. Best thing going on in Copenhagen all summer. Everybody should go there.
4. Lakai Team video – Well, a full video with all of our team. Maybe with a bit more focus on Jonas Daater and Kern Handler. Let’s see how much footy the young guns can stack after their own video comes out (see previous text (2.)).
5. Cocaine and Baking Soda video – Let’s see… this project has been on my mind for the past 4 years. Hechmanns and I have been filming for this video for ever. I hope we can finish it this summer. It will blow your mind for sure!
And as always film more good skateboarding on the daily!

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