Lodger, Teit Andersen

Ghetto foto: Thomas Kring TEIT !

Ghetto foto: Thomas Kring TEIT !

Name: Teit Andersen

Current: Job / school: Footwear designer at Element, Design and sales at Jägers Skateboards, Freelance footwear designer and Admin at Jägers skatepark.

Where are you from? Gentofte, 15 mins from Copenhagen

Where do you currently live? Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

Family status: Girlfriend + 5 year old step son

Age: 38

Sponsors: My mom’s got my back.

Years of skateboarding: 20

Board size: 8.375

Wheel size: 52mm

Trucks: Indy 149

I change set up every: Deck a few times pr year. Wheels once pr year, trucks every 18 months

Current Board trend: I try to stay away from trends, so you probably wont see a Jägers deck with a rectangular photo or drawing in the center of the deck. “The devil is in the detail” so I focus on designing a lot of small details that only the observant notice. I strive to add depth and texture to the graphics.

Please state your type of terrain on your board in %
Street: 99% (Ledges 95% + flatground/other 5%)
Flow Street: 0,7%
Miniramp: 0,198%
Other tranny: 0,1%
Vert: 0,001%
Bowl: 0,001%

Your daily DAY by the hours, ( or tell us about your longest day the last weeks)

07.00 Trying to figure out which planet I am on.

08.00 Breakfast.

09.00 Go to my office in Nannasgade and get cracking on the days’ to-do list

09.15 Shoe corrections on Element Fall 2017 shoe line.

11.00 Take orders for the new skateboards

12.00 Visit shoe-startup client at Østerbro to review fit, outsole grip and breathability.

13.00 Lunch (no meat).

14.00 Back to the office for coffee, water, more emails.

16.00 Leave office and deliver some skateboards to Café Heimdalsgade 22

17.00 Give my girl a kiss and go for a quick dip at Islands Brygge.

19.00 Chill at Røde Plads with Anton Juul + homies and have a few beers.

23.00 Go home

24.00 Zzzzzzzzz

How are you doing at the moment ?

I had ankle surgery in May so I am currently off the board and working on getting my strength and mobility back. With a bit of luck I will be back on the boards around the end of August.


Footage from Jægers



When I chill, I chill with,

Who ever is at Røde Plads + I chill with the Jägers crew, Thomas Gade, Aske, Hubert Brzuchalski, Nillo, Nik & Jay, Jon, Cap P, Niklas Kaysen, Oscar Grønbæk, Johnnie Klagenberg and my girl & her son.

I’ve have been on a mission lately, at Røde Plads with Herb, Gade, Nillo and Hubert.

Dream session is: Skating at the old Jägers with the OG Jägers crew, homies like Emil Stoltz, Aske,  Sigurd, Nik & Jay, Mikkel Krath, Silas Adler, Alexander Høst, Bear, Leslie, Jens Nørgaard and all the homies from back in the early 2000’s.

Lately I have been working on: A few odd obstacles for micro skatepark in Gladsaxe + new Jägers skateboard graphics and getting my sticker business going.

When I was little I would like to,  go to the forest every day (Dyrehaven).

When I’m home I like,  to watch movies, listen to vinyl or sleep.

I normally call my homies, for a good talk about bullshit or life or nothing at all.

I enjoy going to,  spots with ledges and the beach.

Favorite drink is, fresh made juice. I just got a great slow juicer for my last birthday.

Favorite food is,  pasta with my dad’s homemade pesto. The key to a good pesto is pine nuts and parmigiano which are the two most costly ingredients and thus, there are none of those in the pesto you buy at the store.

Favorite drug is sugar. I love chocolate & BSTS

Favorite music: I’ve been hyped on Anderson Paak and Knxwledge lately + there is new Nik & Jay stuff coming out which is off the chain.

Favorite film: Four Rooms, Temple of Doom, Shooter, Traffic, Kiss-Kiss Bang-Bang, Blood In Blood Out, CB4,

Favorite skateboarders: Stevie Williams, Wes Kremer, Dylan Rieder, Austin Gillette, Jens Nørgaard, Anton Juul, Nillo, Carlos Montano, Oscar Grønbæk and Herb.

Favorite skatefilm: Las Nueve Vidas De Paco





Favorite skatepark: OG Jägers + Hollenbeck

Favorite spot: Røde Plads anno 2012.

Favorite woman: My girl Thilde!

When I cook, I cook Dahl or pasta Pomodoro –last time I added a handful of green lentils and some capers, which was awesome!

To go to resturant is bittersweet. I eat out by myself a lot when I am in Hossegor, France working for Element so I hate that, but going to a restaurant with friends is great, but really, a home cooked meal is so much nicer!

To go to trick is,  Frontside Noseslide

To go to trick when you are farked is, Frontside boardslide

To go to trick when you are winning is,  BSTS (BST4EVER!)

TOP 3 Cities: Copenhagen, Los Angeles and beach that is quiet and warm with no danger of shark attack.

When I travel, I always bring noise cancelling headphones for the flight + the newest John Grisham book and some almonds.

Best travel advice I can give is: Go somewhere new that you are not 100% comfortable with.

TOP SUCK cities: Not sure. I probably wont plan a skate trip to Damascus anytime soon.

When I do not skateboard I, design new graphics, film skateboarding, watch skate flicks, talk shit, help friends with stuff, do laundry, eat chocolate, dream about doing backside tailslides.

My fitness program is on hold at the moment due to ankle surgery. Normally I hit the gym to stay in shape generally to skate better and feel healthy.

When I get old I want to,  still do frontside noseslides.

I would like to see more of, people doing their own thing and not caring about the norm.

That one time where I was in jail because of, a misunderstanding.

I should: go to bed earlier.

My future looks like,  that guy,  that used to skate that hangs out at the spot with his kids and talks about the tricks he used to do while daydreaming back to effortless backside tailslides.

I dream of: Doing bsts on my 40th birthday, which is looming less than 2 years from now.

The book I currently read is: Atlantis Found – I got it at a give/take open library in France.

The best travel I have been on: My first trip to Cali, the Jägers trip to Beijing + the Streetammo trip to Lisbon.

On HBO I watch “Banshee”

If I could change the world I would , outlaw privatizing natural resources, stop meat production, ban the combustion engine and put high taxes on paper which would make recycling paper cheaper than deforesting the Amazon. Everybody should own the ability to think for themselves, a juicer and a conscience.

The hobby I have, no one knows about is: Sometimes I mentally split the words in subtitles into equally sized portions when watching movies…

I will never get rid of my,  VHS or my Technics 1210s.

I would love to be in a movie with,  Jack Nicholson and Lake Bell.

I currently follow @lookatthisrussian @l_a_n_d_a_l and @fuckjerry on Instagram

Life advice so far: Don’t do what your friend does –time will probably show you that he was a dumbass 😉

Anything else: Keep pushing!

Thanks to Kring, Chinese Granite, Copenhagen, Hans Toft, my parents and my girl!


Thanks to TEIT for supporting the lodge  !

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