Lodge Guest, Magnus Weijers


Name: Magnus Weijers

Current: Job / school: EUX Carpenter

Where are you from? Vesterbro, Copenhagen

Where do you currently live? Østerbro or Vesterbro, Copenhagen

Kids / family status: I got a cool mom, dad and little brother!

Age: 21

Sponsors: No sponsers

Years of skateboarding: 8-9

Board size: 9

Wheel size: 60mm

Trucks: 149

I change set up every: I ride my boards till they break!

Current Board trend : I am hooked on Welcomes special shapes!! 

A normal Friday would be like:

Wake up and get out on the bike. Ride to Rødovre kts and stay in school for about 7 to 8 hours, I’ll usually call Jarner to hit up a tranny spot or go to the café Tjili pop to hang out. At evenings I usually go out for beers, party, dance and TECHNO!!

How are you doing at the moment?

School is almost over Distortion and Roskilde Festival is about to go down, I am doing great!

When I chill, I chill with,

My family, Enghave crewet, Tjili pop locals, some dudes from Orø and whoever is up for a hangout at any transition spot!

Im have been on a mission lately in ( with)
I have been skating a lot with August Jarner and Emil Toft lately, but mostly at Enghave and fælledparken! We need to hit up some new spots soon! I’ve been on an all winter vert mission with all the vert guys, we travelled to malmø several days a week to hit the 80ies vert, those sessions were so good! Thanks to Rune, Bo and Jesper for the rides you are the best!

Dream session is,
Hitting up new sexy transition spot with homies, beers and grill!!

Lately i have been working on,

Carpentry skills and getting back on concrete!



When I was little I would like to,

Go to space and skate vert!

When im home I like to,

Chill with my family, listen to music and play nintendo

I normally call my homies for,

Session! Chill, coffee, beers or TECHNO

Your homies are,

21, Levin, Børsen, Skelly, Orø Boys, Jarner,, Tjili pop locals, The Vert guys, Toft is crazy, Enghave crewet (we need to bring back Pede), basicly everyone I get to skate with!

I enjoy going to,

Fælledparken, Enghave, Culture box!, Malmø, Tjilipop, Nicolai’s basement, kødbyen and of course Skippers Bodega

Favorite drink is,

Coffee, Beers and bloody mary!

Favorite food is,

Everything off the grill, Stegt flæsk and my Fathers Chili!

Favorite drug,


Favorite music,

Lately I’ve been listening to, Todd Terje, Dick dale, Jeru the Damaja, And Techno

Favorite film,

From dusk till dawn, Big Lebowski, Alien

Favorite skateboarders,

Darren Navarrete, Chris Russel, Greyson Fletcher, Tom Remillard, David Gravette, Jimmy Wilkins, Willis Kimbel, Moto Shabita and lots of other transition skaters!

Favorite skatefilm ,

There is a Tom Remillard Clip out there, it is about 3 min long, the back track is Nothing from nothing By Billy Preston! Great clip, it pretty much inspired me to into transition skating! It’s worth a watch if you can find it!

Favorite skatepark,

Enghave, Fælledparken, Bryggeriet and stapelbaddsparken

Favorite spot,

Favorite woman / men ( blond, fat, thin, big, small)

Everyone can be a favorite

When I cook, I cook,

A mean spaghetti or bbq

To go to resturant is,

Tommi’s Burgerjoint

To go to trick is,

Frontside airs and frontside grinds!

To go to trick when you are farked is,

Full body slams!

The Hobby I have no one knows about is,

Old video games

To go to trick when you are winning is,

Frontside airs and frontside grinds again!

TOP 3 cities,

København, Malmø, Budapest

TOP SUCK citys,

You can always find good times anywhere

When I do not skateboard I,

Play music, hang out and drink coffee

My fitness program is,

I ride my bike everyday that’s it!

When I get old I want to,

Drink Long island ice teas

I would like to see more of,

Local footy! Post it all!

That one time where I was in jail because of,

Does a school trip count?

I should do more of,

Fælledparkens deep end, Hullet and Tricks to tail

My future looks like,

I hope it involves some mean concrete

I dream of,

A long trip to the state and skate sick parks like Mammoth and Washington street!

The book I currently read is,

Carpenters instruction booklet, gotta learn how to make $$$

On Netflix I watch,

Trailer park boys and X-Files but they took VPNs down, damn!

If I could change the world I would,

Remove poverty and cruelty

I would love to be in a movie with,

Quinten Tarantino or with Clint Eastwood in a spaghetti western!

I currently follow (social media, instagram twitter, facebook)

Moto shibata, and every local!

Life advise so far ?

Have fun but do your best while at it!

Anything else,

Thanks for having me! See you in Fælledparken! 




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