Lodger, Madeleine Uggla


Name: Madeleine Uggla

Current: Job / school: Yoga teacher

Where are you from? Malmö, South of Sweden

Where do you currently live?  Stockholm, Sweden

Kids / family status: Don’t have any kids. At the time no relationship.

Age: 36

Sponsors: I get stuff from here and there, which i’m thankful of, but nothing regular from one brand.

Years of skateboarding: 21 years

Board size: 7.75

Wheel size: 53mm

Trucks:  Thunder

I change set up every: Once a year

Current Board trend : I’ve supported local Swedish brands during the years but recently Almost Skateboards sent me some boards.

Your daily DAY by the hours,  ( or tell us about your longest day the last weeks)

Wow, my days never look the same nor the weeks, But i can take one day more or less.

06.00 Sometimes already up, or goes up now.

07.00 Yoga practice

08.00 Yoga practice

09.00  Breakfast

10.00 Meeting or working with my company/brand Missinka.

11.00 Working

12.00 Teaching yoga (or if i don’t have class i work or eat lunch)

13.00 Eat lunch

14.00 Reload

15.00 Go to the gym

16.00 Still at the gym

17.00 If i’m not teaching yoga (below) i go out and skate.

18.00 Teaching yoga.

19.00 Teaching yoga

20.00 Done with class and on my way home

21.00 Eat something and rest or work some more.

22.00 Prepare for bedtime between 22.30-23.00

23.00 Over and out…Sleeping


How are you doing at the moment ? I’m doing great, happy and excited to go to France for 7 weeks. I’ll be teaching yoga at a surf camp. Surf and yoga all summer. Stoked!

When I chill, I chill with, friends or by myself. I need some time for myself to collect my thoughts 😉



foto: Björn Handell


Im have been on a mission lately in ( with) 15 yoga teachers in the dessert in south of Spain, teaching yoga for a company with 550 people. This was one of the most coolest thing i’ve done in long time, The other day i was skating with some good friends in a new spot (for me) in Stockholm. I really enjoyed that day.

Dream session is,  nothing complicated just nice spot with friends a warm sunny day, epic!

Lately i have been working on,  my butt and back haha. The butt is actually rehab after an injury, legs for skating and the back is for surfing this summer. Paddle paddel…

When I was little I would like to, eat a lot of candy and be as cool as my older brothers.

When im home I like to, drink a cup of tea and eat a good piece of dark chocolate.

I normally call my homies for, hang out.

Your homies are,  It’s a big mix between, yogis, skaters and surfers.

I enjoy going to,  warm places, the beach and the forrest next to my house.

Lets go to the Favorits  ! 

Favorite drink is,  alcohol? fresh mango juice or if  alcohol fine rom like a pirate.

Favorite food is, all kind of veggie food, lebanese is really good.

Favorite drug, not much

Favorite music, all kinds of music but often with good rytm and beats, hip hop/soul/reggae

Favorite film,  feel good movies

Favorite skateboarders, there are so many good skaters that is inspiring to watch.

Favorite skatefilm,  I like the good old skate movies from the 90ties.

Favorite skatepark, in Stockholm we have some that are pretty fun, also the one in Södertälje outside of Stockholm.

Favorite spot, still searching for that spot haha. No but i like many different spots, both street and bowl/pool.



Kickflip to fakie, foto unknown, so far, or we have a black out.


Favorite woman / men  ( blond, fat, thin, big, small) all kind with good heart and that take care of themselves.

When I cook, I cook, veggies!

To go to resturant is, any restaurant with good vegetarian food. Persian, Indian, Japanese.

To go to trick is, kick flip

To go to trick when you are farked is, kick flip

The Hobby I have no one knows about is, collecting herbs from my forest to make my own healing tea.

To go to trick when you are winning is, half cab flip

TOP 3 Cities, Many citys have their nice qualities but citys i’ve lived or been to a lot is Stockholm, Málaga (Spain) &  Seminyak/canggu (Bali)

A city I  have never been to,  but im sure I would love is New York.

When I travel, I always bring, my passport and yoga mat

Best travel advise I can give is, i realized that it’s better to pack the bag the same day you’re leaving, but in a calm mode.

TOP SUCK citys, i can’t think of any that i’ve been to.

When I do not skateboard I, do yoga, train, hangout with friends.

My fitness program is, chins, squats, sit ups and pull ups

When I get old I want to, keep on living my dream

I would like to see more of, Caribbean, never been.

That one time where I was in jail because of,  haha that would be interesting to know

I should do more of, mediation, skating

My future looks like,  to work with yoga in other countries, mostly where the sun is shining and you can surf.

I dream of, having my own house in the tropics, yoga platform with ocean view, a garden filled with coconuts and mango and skatepark next to the house.

The book I currently read is, The Shadow of The Wind (La sombra del viento) by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. I read it twice directly

On Netflix I watch,  i don’t have Netflix, but i saw Marco Polo last christmas at my dad’s and got really hooked. I waiting for the next season.

If I could change the world I would, get people more open minded., Fears and differences are making people crazy.

I would love to be in a movie with,  Will Ferrell would be fun.

I currently follow (social media, instagram twitter, facebook)  I follow many

Life advise so far ? ”If money was no object” by Alan Watts and acceptance, patience, trust.

Anything else, Never stop reaching for you dreams, it might be hard work but it’s worth it.


For being part of the lodge!

Thanks & tack så mycke Madeleine for supporting  the lodge  !  


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