Lodge Attack Ghetto clip




Overheard over the weekend, we know the souce, but have chosen to leave the names out.  please enjoy.


“I have been in rehab twice, first time did not work”

“I was a hardcore alcoholic for 5 years”

“I only skate one side of the ramp, dont trust the other. I know how they build it”

“A guy broke his leg, in first heat, after first trick”

“No farkery”

“Im so bummed right now, i could die any minute riding my skateboard”

“We rule the world, we are men”

“I want to ride my bike from Frankfurt to Copenhagen and skate”

“I dont write emails, i have never written a email,  I will  have my wife to do it”

“I just drove 25 hours to get here, it is okay, we have good music”


19 mins of Masters & PRO finals clip from Vert attack in Sweden, YES i missed a few tricks, it is the daily finals farkery !  But DAMN they shred hard !   





shredders 2

Part  of Team LODGE ( not everyone is shown here, missing a lot of persons )

Thanks everyone for a RAD week.

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