Vertical Legend, Sean Goff

We are proud to present Sean Goff, Sean  is a English living legend & one of England first skateboarding pro’s.  Please read what is cooking with Sean at the moment. Sean is proof that skateboarding at the age of 50 is real. 






Where do you currently live? KIDLINGTON, OXFORD, ENGLAND

Kids / family status: Son who’s 25, and still living with his mother.

Age: 50

Sponsors: Toddtwist ebay store, Moonshine Skateboards, Jimmy-Z

Board size: I don’t know.. Thinks it’s 32.5 by 8.75”

Wheel size: 58 – 61 depending on what I’m riding

Trucks: Fury Evos 8.0

I change set up every: Only change something when its worn out / brakes.

 When I chill, I chill with. Claire, my better half

 Im have been on a mission lately in ( with) No one.. But mission next week to Vert Attack. My main mission buddy is Jim T Skin

 Lately i have been working on,  In skating… Not sucking so bad.. I’m losing so much now !!

 When I was little I would like to… play with toys ?!

 When im home I like to. Watch TV. Relax

 Normaly call my homies for…. I’m too old for ‘homies’. I have friends.

 Your homies are … No homies, Friends – People I skate with on a regular basis



 I enjoy to go to… Skating in the sun with some friends

 Favorite drink: Coffee

 Favorite food: Sausage, Beans & Mash

 When I cook ,I cool:I don’t cook. That’s Claires deal

 I listen to: My thoughts

To go to resturant is: N/A

 Favorit skateboarders: My friends.

 Favorite skatepark: Depends on the session.

 Favorit spot: Where the session is at

 TOP 3 city’s: Can’t think of any.

 When I do not skateboard i: Rest/work

 My fitness program: is almost non existant

 When I get old I want to: Carry on skating.

 I would like to see more of: HAPPYNESS

 That one time where I was in jail because of: Fighting

 I should do more of: Stretching & healthy eating

 My future looks like: I’ll be getting older.

 I dream of :Getting a hose with land and no neighbours, and building something to skate

 The book I currently read is: I don’t read books anymore

 I currently follow ( sociale media) no twitter for me.. No nothing

 Thank you Sean Goff ! 


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