Lodge Guest, Rob Smith

Name: Rob Smith

Current: job / school: Professional skateboarder / venue operations manager at House Of Vans London

Where are you from? Salford

Where do you currently live? London

Kids / family status: girlfriend

Age: 26

Sponsors: Carhartt, Vans, Black Sheep, Electric, Independent, Ricta, Death,

Board size: 8

Wheel size:52

Trucks: 139’s



When I chill, I chill with, My girl, my mates and my dog chihuahua charlie

Im have been on a mission lately in, Thailand

Lately i have been working on, An analogue Music/Video project

When I was little I would like to…play in my band

When im home I like to, make music, make stuff, build, create,

I normaly call my homies for, a Beer

Your homies are, The Doggers, Dowd, Phil Z, DRS

I enjoy to go to, Drum n bass nights

Faviorite drink is, Brandy

To go to resturant is, Mildreds resturant in soho, bangin vegan food

Favorit skateboarders, Andy scott, john Cardiel. FTR

Favorite skatepark, Bones Bolton


Favorit spot,  salford precinct

When I do not skateboard I, make music, edit video, cook food, keep healthy, eat well

When I get old I want to, live in a wooden lodge in twin peaks

I would like to see more of, andy scott



My future looks like, an episode of MTV Cribs

I dream of,   silence

Anything else & thanks, Be nice to each other, don’t eat animal products, thanks to my mum.


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