Lodge Guest, Alexander Risvad


Name: Alexander Risvad.

Current: job / school: None.

Where are you from? Copenhagen, Denmark.

Where do you currently live? Kastrup, Denmark.

Kids / family status: None.

Age: 21.

Sponsors: Flip Skateboards, Volcom, Circus Circus Skateshop and Skullcandy.

Board size: 8.25.

Wheel size: 52mm.

Trucks: Independent, Hollow 139.

I change set up every: Week. 

When I chill, I chill with, My homies from my public school or some of the homies I skate with.

Im have been on a mission lately, Last mission was in Barcelona a couple weeks ago. With Jais Hansen, Nicolai Minde, Tobias Christoffersen, Dannie Carlsen, Kevin Bækkel, Bjarne Tjøtta, Mikkel Haugegaard, Lukas Olsen and Jared Cleland. Big crew!

Lately i have been working on, A video with almost the whole crew I was in Barcelona with. Coming in March this year!

CHECK BELOW, Risvards part in HITIT

When I was little I would like to be a, An architect.

When im home I like to, Eat, sleep and watch a movie. 

Normaly i call my homies for, Mikkel Haugegaard aka. HØNSE.

Your homies are, Good friends.

I enjoy to go to, Different locations around the world.

Favorite drink is, Jack D and Coke. 

Favorite food is, Too many to choose.

When I cook , I cook, Spaghetti Bolognese, easy to cook. 

I listen to, Almost everything except heavy metal or hardcore techno.

To go to resturant is, Good every time! 

Favorit skateboarders , Louie Lopez, Grant Taylor, Carlos Ribeiro, Luan Oliveira

Favorite skatepark, Sheldon Skate Plaza, California. 

Favorit spot, All spots around Copenhagen.

TOP 3 citys

  1. Copenhagen.
  2. Barcelona.
  3. Puerto de Andratx (Mallorca, Spain).

When I do not skateboard I, Spend time with my homies and my Family.

My fitness program is, I’ve just started last week so I do not have a program yet.  

When I get old I want to, Cruise around the world on my yacht.

I would like to see more of, Raw footy.

That one time where I was in jail because of, Haha, I don’t remember that time.

I should do more of, Spontaneous decisions.

My future looks like, Traveling around the world and skate as much as possible.  

I dream of, Starting my own company.   

The book I currently read is, I don’t read books. Only magazines.

I currently follow ( sociale media) Way too many.


Thanks ALEX for killing it, dope shit sir.


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