The search for the ring.

The search for the ring.

We skated this pool in the suburb of Lake Elsinore. This is the backyard pool of a house that was torn down in the sixties.

The owner off the ground got several complaints from the neighbors so its been filled up twice over the last couple of years.

We met a guy there that helped digging it out 2 years ago but he lost his ring so now he was back looking for it.

Peter Stege couldn’t avoid the temptation so he grabbed a shovel and started digging. They still didn’t find it.

A homeboy will probably still be digging next time you visit the place

-Rasmus Bønnelykke


Help a man out. Peter stege looking for a ring in the USA. We love it.  A true gentleman.  Good job Stege. DSC_0313

Peter Stege  knows.  Soldier in action. Gotta find that ring.


Hugo Boserup, killing the pool.  ( just got done killing)


Peter stege, there is a lot of land to cover here.


Hugo Grinds in the Pool.  Looks great


Tobias just chilling.


Bring your girl when you go shred.

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