Saturday Lodge Wine. Alma Vieja 2012

Spanish Wine Review today.


High Quality wine Alma Vieja 2012. crianza

The big bold blend 16 %  alc  90 % Garnacha 10 % Syrah

While you are reading our interviews and checking our site, it is time for a glass of wine  ( in case you are over 18  years of age 0r more or something )

We are drinking a spanish Alma Vieja 2012.  fat farker today. Volume 16 % alc It is great. Sweet & easy to drink. heavy as we like and some nice spicy action in the baground. You will like it.  We recommend. Spanish wines is our TOP favorits here at the lodge, due to they are ( normally)  spicy. Just like how we like skateboarding you know  ?

Find it. buy it. call your crew, share it  and enjoy it.

Good wines you drink in big glass’s of wine only. ( NO ghetto style here )

Price: ca 170 DKK  / ca 22 €

Boom. Spanish High quality wine.




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4 Responses

  1. Salamanderen says:

    lyder som en der helt klart skal med på en lodge session!!

  2. Thomas Kring says:

    helt sikkert, vi overvejer noget lodge wine ( skate ) tours i cph til sommer…

  3. Tore says:

    Se DET det er en vinanmeldelse der sparker …

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