Lodge Wine: Finca biniagual

Lodge Wine Review.

Finca biniagual Veran.

The Great & Fine ( dope)  Wine Finca Biniagual 2011 from the vineyard Finca Biniagual is made in the wine region La Palma. Spain.

Grape Varieties: 55% Manto Negro, 25% Syrah y 20% Cabernet Sauvignon.

Alcohol content: 15,5% ( boom !! )

This wine is great. It is a 7 days a week wine. Goes to all days. all foods. Bring it to a sesh. This is a heavy wine but goes smooth. A lodge wine for sure. Highly recommend. you love it.

Finca biniagual Veran. remember the name. Winning

Price is ca 20 €. find it online.




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