Carhartt WIP has unveiled its latest skate project, Hollandsch Diep, a short-format video and selection of exclusive products that spotlight the brand’s Dutch team riders.

Central to the nine minute feature are a core of Carhartt WIP skaters, including Rob Maatman, Sebastiaan Vijverberg, Robbin De Wit, and Lex Van der Does, while there is also a cameo from the German skater Joscha Aischer.

The video was shot in and around the city of Rotterdam by Jan Maarten Sneep, who has gained notoriety for his Memory Screen Youtube channel, which sees him remaster classic skate videos. A familiar hazy grain appears throughout Hollandsch Diep, as well as graphic overlays by Sneep, which also appear on the accompanying products – a hooded sweatshirt and a long-sleeve t-shirt, both in black.

The products created for this project will be exclusive to Carhartt WIP’s Rotterdam and Amsterdam Hartenstraat stores – available from December 8th. 

The first screening of the film will also take place on December 8th at Carhartt WIP Store Rotterdam, before its online debut on December 12th via the European skate media platform Freeskatemag

Directed & edited by :

Jan Maarten Sneep

Featuring  :

Robbin de Wit

Rob Matmaan

Sebastiaan Vijverberg

Joscha Aicher

Lex Van Der Does

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