Photoseries FSR x Shredderslodge tour

Here can do it all, Jonas skrøder we love him.


Tønder skatepark, Great park, great build. worth the visit


Rune Glifberg, tail grab one foot. Haderslev


Balder lehman shreds, if you know how to get up there…you have both balls and speed. Balder name is from the THOR family. the viking gods. He makes the vikings proud.


Street dome 2020


Balder Lehman


Balder in Assens


The asseens bowl is great


Thomas Kring

Thomas Kring in the wall ride


Rune Glifberg on the wall ride in Assens


Balder Lehman – Wall ride into the bank !!!


Thomas Kring

Manatory – you most bring Cake when you skate with FSR !! Here is Thomas Kring


They hang out all day


Here is Thomas Kring diving in ….


We love this amazing secret bowl !!! Thank you guys for your open doors !!!


Rune on the mini oververt


Kring on the mini oververt in the secret garden


Thanks to Steen Kelså for the photos- Much love, he has a great playlist as well  !!!

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