FSR X thelodge road trip with Dancer in the mix !!

Steen Kelz, Thomas Kring & Redz in Rune car !! Gutemorgen !! photo: rune glifberg



Meet up with Claus Herm & Simon in Tønder !!


Skrøder was in Tønder when we arrived, he is elite and on time.


Call 31 38 30 73 REDZ for a good sidewalk job or other great carpenter jobs !!!


Redz can crooked anything.

Redz can crooked anything.






This park is really great, small but good, and well put together. Great job. Tønder must be stoked. THEY BETTER BE !!! because we are !!


Another overview shot from under REDZ!!




Small talks, buff jacket and shorts.


Fat kickflips over the pyramid !! REDZ DOES IT AGAIN !!


Okay lunch and more stories


Haderslev and session is about to go down




More overview




and yes there is a lot of scooters there





Time for dinner and a cold one


meeting with the dancer team, see you tomorrow, yes another great day out




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