FSR and Lodge tour DAY 2 pics

We started the day here, best bakery in Denmark as they say, Faaborg. Brunsviger from heaven


Redz is stoked



retail in Faaborg, buy fresh new Danish potatos, just kinda pay what you want and dont steal the money or safe.


PROS start the day by fixing the wallrides


Assens we love you


Jonas Skrøder is on fire, and when we say fire. we mean fire for REAL


Shredderslodge photo



skateboard art


Anton Juul Method air


excuse me ? wait what ? …


So your parents summer house is dope ? .. we dont think so. This is DOPE.


All smiles, all day. We skated in rain, does not matter, when your having fun, Thanks again so much for the invite to this private wonder somewhere in Denmark.


Rune Glifberg in the mini oververt


spy photo


Time to drive home, it is friday and Redz and Thomas Kring knows.


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