New street fashion brand from Copenhagen teams up with one of the world biggest skateboard companies.


After just 3 months and a single collection it is now a fact that the new Danish street fashion brand Act in Public is doing a special collaboration with one of the world’s oldest and most respected skateboard brands. American Santa Cruz Skateboards and Act in Public have developed two small collections to be launched online with only 10 weeks in between.

The first exclusive co-lab capsule will be launched on January 24th. This collection is a skateboard named “Copenhagen Towers” and four basic styles – all using the Act in Public signature color inspired by the old copper roofs turning green with age, as a theme through the collection. Board and styles are produced in small numbers.

Santa Cruz Skateboards will present this special co-lab on all their social platforms – reaching about 1.8 million followers. The launch is at the same time marked with a local event in the heart of Copenhagen.

Former professional skateboarder and partner in Act in Public, Søren Aaby, tells us about how the collaboration with Santa Cruz Skateboards became a reality:

On our latest boys-only-trip to California we took the chance to set up a meeting with the top-dogs at Santa Cruz Skateboards being my main sponsor in the 80s and early 90s. Our idea (or mission) was to convince them to help us manufacture a skateboard for Act in Public so we had something to ride. In short they were keen on our concept and ideas, and we left the meeting with not only their help with boards but also a special co-lab line of clothes (capsule). This co-lab is now finally seeing the light of day.

The iconic Santa Cruz Skateboards, founded in 1973, are happy with this new collaboration.

– We have followed the Danish skate-scene for many years. Denmark has produced quite a few skateboard-talents compared to size and we have seen interesting events like Scandinavia Open and CPH PRO. We want to support our buddy and former pro skater Søren Aaby as well as the other Act in Public guys we have come to know. We believe that the we-never-really-grow-up-concept Act in Public is bringing to market, using themselves as primary target group, is very interesting, says Jeff Kendall, President/CMO at Santa Cruz Skateboards.

Slow fashion in a fast online world

The design team at Act in Public have created a “green” online street fashion brand. 95% of our collections are GOTS certified and all of our packaging is sustainable as well.

From working with an alternative to normal launch-strategy, we find that Act in Public really can make a difference when it comes to making sure we don’t produce too many units.

– The clothing industry is dominated by season-fixed collections and numerous sales-seasons. We have focused on making many “drops” and small production numbers. We try to control the production from the demand thus we avoid over-production. “Sold out” on our website is only positive and we can quickly launch something all new. Some will call it a “slow-fashion-philosophy” but we are at the same time agile like a “fast-fashion-brand”, says Kim Carlsen who is responsible for the product development. Kim’s credentials come from starting the first true streetwear shop Flavour in Copenhagen 26 years ago.

“We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public“
Act in Public was created by 3 friends from Copenhagen who wanted to make a project that combined their work-skills with their lifelong passion for skateboarding. At an early stage they handpicked a team of creative likeminded spirits who also share the love of skateboarding – all with roots in Danish street- and skateboarding culture. Together they have created a street fashion brand aiming toward those who also share their passion and can identify with Act in Public and it’s skate-DNA.

Act in Public began as a con amore-project, a serious and ambitious con amore-project. We want to be totally level with our customers which is also why we use ourselves as models in both visual and written communication. We are men in our prime and we can still skate, says Jan Nielsen, graphic design.

The Act in Public team are:

Søren Aaby, marketing, 54y, former professional skater for Santa Cruz Skateboards.

Kim Carlsen, products, 53y, owner of the respected streetwear shop Flavour for 25 years and founder of the infamous skateboard contest ”Prygl i Parken”.

Lars Bernt, strategy, 52y, former editor of the first danish skateboard magazine ”Skating”.

Jan Nielsen, design, 50y, former unorthodox and anti-authority skatepunk on Amagertorv.

Tobias Plass, photographer, 47y, surfing, skating and teaches young ones to skateboard.

Peter van Toorn Brix, design, 51y, one of Copenhagens most laidback longboarders.

Jacob Bøegh, digital wizzard, 49y, an eternal wanderer of the whole worlds caminos.


We would like to invite You to the ACT IN PUBLIC HQ in Copenhagen to celebrate this occasion with us.

Stop by for a beer, live music by

DANSK FLØDE, dj NICKY GUERRERO on the turntables – and more.

Date: Friday January 24th from 17:00-20:00
Location: Grønningen 5, 1270 Copenhagen K

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