Teach your kid to drop-in in 15 min.

Teach your kid to drop-in in 15 min.

Your kid can already push, turn with trucks and lifting wheels, control speed up to 8 km/hr and has already tried to skate down ramps without dropping-in. He has also been practicing knee slides and proper dismounting technique. Remember helmet and kneepads!

Start on flat ground with a line as the mark, take them through the steps, then move to a very small, flat and straight ramp, after this add a bit of transition but slowly hight. If you do it slowly you will probably never have to hold your kid’s hands. If you do hold hands, make sure is both hands, breast to breast and pull on the front arm downwards to make the artificial weight shift from back to front foot for him/her. If pushing down is an issue, place your self in front of them while they are in position to drop-in, hold the nose of the board and make them push as hard as they can while you absorb the weight, then start all over again from step 1.



Wheels on one side of the line in front of the coping, tail and both feet on the platfrom (no feet on the ramp!). Grab board from nose or outside rail, bend knees to reach and pull board towards the ramp so back truck makes contact to the wall. Press down the tail with back foot making sure foot placement is at least 1 cm behind the coping’s line, centered on the board and pointing to inside rail. Stop moving here while you press down. Board does not tilt. Release board with your hands and rise up.



Place front foot behind the first two front bolts or just over them (but never over the nose), pointing to the inside rail, parallel to back foot and centered on the board, knees bent. Normally the point of your shoe sticks a bit out of the inside rail. See your self doing it perfectly before next step.


The counterintuitive part – Press down on front foot using all your body (hips and upper body leaning forwards, don’t kick – front knee stays bent), your intuition might be telling you the safest for you is to pull back, but it is the other way, push forwards, but keep contact with back wheels on the ground because the board has to pivot vertically downwards on the back truck.


Front wheels make contact to the ground, bend both knees to absorb the impact on both legs, rise up and celebrate either success or your strong effort.


Set the board correct

Set the board correct, make sure wheels are on the other side of the coping as picture shows.


Get ready

Get ready


Stomp it !!

Stomp it !!


Almost there

Almost there



MADE IT, STOKED, do it again !!


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