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Looks and sounds like the Wonders around the World is working on a new skatepark project in Jamaica, amazing, sounds fun and MEGA DOPE,  Read below support with some cash, hit the link below !!

Here is some info:

We are a bunch of passionate concrete lovers that love to share our passion for skateboarding 

We have traveled the world together and have been building in underprivileged cities and together with support from local communities we have created small hubs of positive playgrounds for people I all ages on wheels that needed a place to express their passion 

Now it’s time for Jamaica to a state of the art skateboard and bmx park 

A group of highly skilled volunteers will be flying in on their own expenses from + 10 countries ,they will break ground September 8 2019 and 3 weeks later with your contribution Jamaica’s first free public bmx and skateboard park in Boston community Centre 

Link for support 

SUPPORT Jamaica skatepark


Wonders Around the WORLD




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