The forgotten mini bowl in Copenhagen




We forgot about it, you did not know about it and the mini bowl is kinda hidden away. How would we EVER find out ? The mini bowl is a fun little thing, everyone can ride it and easy to skate ( sober or not)  Build well. Nice smooth create. Surroundings is cool.



1 of the great things about the bowl is the Bodenhoff bakery on the way. Dont forget to go there. …and yes you can burn it off later at the session.



Metro in the back and a great skatespot is in the area also. Lets go soon and have a session. The bowl is near the KU BE, Frederiksberg. behind the building and cross the bridge. Adresse is: Dirch Passers Allé 4,  2000 Frederiksberg.  ENJOY YOUR SESSION and TAG the lodge when you are there !! 

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