Qudsaya, first skatepark in SYRIA

it’s a town in the suburbs of Damascus


Full of bullet holes and people who moved out of their destroyed villages and start all over there again. @soschildrensvillagessyria and @skateaid came with an idea, go create a skatepark because this town is full of kids, they have nothing to do, they fight and throw stones all day.

Hard to expect something else when you born in the war and on the street… Arne Fiehl chose the team: Félix, Gabu, him self and few active members of Wonders Around the world ” Josh, Maze, Elliott, Lait Au Poulet and Karam from liban. @soschildrensvillagessyria helped us a lot to find all of the material we needed. And then the video gonna show you how much the kids wanted to be involved.

There is a family who lived there and took care of the place before we came. They helped us a lot and brought beautiful vibes. We made sure they can stay after we leave. Six weeks was more than enough to build a skatepark and one big family.

We built this park in 26 days and realize that we will change the days of these kids. Now the park is the place to be and learn something that has never existed before in syria.

Within one month we received way more love than what we gave.

Please enjoy the dope video below !


text: Lait Au Poulet

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