Wonders Around the World

Okay so what is WAW,  Wonders Around the World ?  
WAW is an international and independent non-profit all-in organisation.
What is Wondersaroundtheworld ’s main mission ?  
Right now less then half of worlds skateboarders have access to free and safe places to skate. Our mission is to make skateboarding accesible to everyone worldwide. Simple as that.
How do you get fouding  for Wonders   aroundtheworld ?
Different ways. Goverments, sponsors, donations, funds, crowdfunding, happenings etc.
What places have you been to so far ?  
We started WAW 2 months ago. Right now we are in Syria to construct the first skatepark in the country. As individuals we have in the past years financed and constructed skateparks in countries such as Iraq, Maldives, Morocco, Nepal, India, Myanmar, Ethiopia and Jordan.
What has been the best place so far you guys have been to ? 
Cannot name one that has been the “best”. What happens after we executed the build has a big effect on the future of the skate scene in the given country. We are building strong partnerships with other NGOs who focus on the afterplay.
Worst place ? 
Every place is a big experience. There is no place on planet earth we would not go. WAW is for the children – that is it.
What is your best build skatepark so far ?  
Again every build is different and has its own power. Maldives was fun in the way that we did not follow any kind of plans in any way. It is always impressive to see what humans are capable of when they work together for a higher purpose.
Do you get to skate a lot or only build ? 
Yeah we get to skate a bunch – but of course we also try to give it all we got build wise while we are there.
Can you get paid pretty good or hard work only ? 
Most of the time we do not get paid anything.  If we wanted to get paid good – 90 % of these builds would not happen.
We are a bunch of skateboarders, builders, architects, engineers, contractors and entrepreneurs who have joined forces and all volunteer to make these things happen. As individuals we represent companies like Grindline, Dreamland, 5th Pocket, Sons of concrete and Evergreen to name a few.
if you Don get paid, how do you live ? Paid the rent ? Get food on the table ? 
Sometimes we do get paid – most of the time we make our money in our home countries in order to make it happen in difficult places.  Let us say for example that we wish to build a park in Liberia – one of the poorest countries. Then we might just do that for free in order to make it happen now.
How do countrys find you ?
We find them or local skaters find us through social media
Is this want you allways wanted ? Or did this just kinda happen over time ? 
Yes of course – this kind of fell into place. This is what we want and need to do. We are here for decades to come.
Anything else we need to know ?
We should not underestimate the power of skateboarding. Skateboarding set the people free and they deserve nothing less then that.  Right now what we are in need for someone with a bit of web design experience who could be down to put in a few hours of work for us here and there. If you are sitting out there with those skills and wish to help us manifest these things please let us know
If you wish to support us in any way feel free to contact us at:
Instagram: wondersaroundtheworldorg
Facebook: Wonders Around the World

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