Finders Keepers


Since 2005 UK-based label Finders Keepers has entertained fans of psychedelic, jazz, folk, funk, avant-garde and strange movie muzak with rare vinyl artefacts from the annals of alternative pop history. The men behind the label are musician, DJ, producer and designer Andy Votel, and obscure vintage record collector, LP compiler and DJ, Doug Shipton. Together they liberate unreleased and long-forgotten music. Their multifaceted artist roster includes legendary figures such as Atari music composer Suzanne Ciani, Chilean-French film director and composer Alejandro Jodorowsky, Swiss electronic music pioneer Bruno Spoerri as well as contemporary acts like Mancunian duo Demdike Stare.

Shipton and Votel also run several sub-labels (“Sounds Of Wonder!”, Anatolian Invasion, B-Music, Cache Cache, Cacophonic, Disposable Music and Hypocrite?) that deliver a specific point of view on certain genres, shining a light on unheard new wave, disco, punk, avant-jazz, and noise, as well as underrated soundtracks and misunderstood European pop music.

For Carhartt WIP Radio, Finders Keepers co-founder Doug Shipton has prepared a mix that mirrors the colorful history of his label. Featuring Dutch-born Australian jazz saxophonist Billy Green, obscure German band Lied Des Teufels and the seductive French pop act Valérie Lagrange, it swings from pop to jazz, rock, funk, soul, and bewildered electronics. As usual we sat down with this month’s host for a chat, discussing the identity of his labels, the history behind them, the business of global reissue business and awkward haircuts.

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