“slow down, there’s no heaven”

“slow down, there’s no heaven”

 a 10:00 minutes video from a trip to Nepal

with Daryl Dominguez, Jordan Thackeray, Helena Long, Aaron Wilmot, Alex Hallford, Tom Delion, Lucy Adams and Samu Karvonen. The movie is filmed and edited by Sirus F Gahan and supported by Vans, Lovenskate, Carhartt WIP and Skate Nepal.

”The premise of the trip was simple: see how far we could spread that circle of skateboarding across Nepal. To simply spread the stoke of skateboarding nationwide, to run some events at the newly built skate parks in Kathmandu and Pokhara (built by Make Life Skate Life) and get the skaters together. To unite the community, bring some tunes, bring some hype, ignite the session, nourish some seeds and plant some new ones.”

-Daryl Dominguez
Skate Nepal Organization

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