Jake Wooten story


Well this came out pretty good!!!

Life comes at all of us differently. It’s a roll of the dice that none of us have control of. Some people use their situation as an excuse and others use it to fuel their fire. In our new video series True Grit, we focus on what makes our riders tick by visiting them in their hometowns and talking with the people in their lives that have seen them grow to the people they have become. In our first True Grit video we flew to Gallatin Tennessee to meet up with Jake Wooten, one of the most electric people we’ve ever met. He’s incredibly smart, super genuine and magic on a skateboard. But what makes Jake so special is his ability to persevere against all odds. Saved from a dysfunctional family situation at a young age, Jake was taken in by his Aunt and Uncle who had to completely change the way he saw and interacted with the world. We could go on forever about what Jake has been through and about why we love him so much, but we suggest you watch the video and see for yourself. Phillip and Shay Shay, we cant thank you enough for all you’ve done for him, our lives are better too for having him in it.

Filmed & Edited: Joe Perrin (@thekillatapes)

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