Sweden Vert series, first one in 2019

Yes, Vert bowl, in concrete..inside a MOUNTAIN!!! BUNKAS!!! WHY NOT ?



1. Pontus Björn
2. Jim Langran
3. Sebastian La Cour
4. Johannes Thurn
5. Lars Stout
6. Jens Andersson
7. William Gonzalez Persson
8. Magnus Hanehöj
9. Jonathan Jonsson
10. Florenz Buß


Pontus came in and won this comp….half cap


1. Hampus Winberg
2. Marvin Hvidsø
3. Julian Selander
4. Viktor Solmunde
5. Edvin Kristianson
6. Oliver Holm
7. Vincent Ahlbom
8. Leon Hildebrandt
9. Jonathan


Marvin, DK, Come up and  Going Fs Air…


1. Maïté Louisy
2. Maja Spatscheck
3. Sofia Louisy


1. Macki Vertboy Chounousidis
2. Jonas Wahlstrom
3. Martin Schienbein


Mack, Stockholm local as we like,  flying high…good job


1. Pelle Evertsson
2. Tony Jansson
3. Anders C Andrén
4. Magnus Nannesson


 Pelle Evertsson, Dope.  All pics is taken by: Patric Backlund


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  1. Patric Backlund says:

    Last photo is of Pelle Evertsson 🙂

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