Streetlab NEW collection and Baeonci’s latest clip !!


Streetlab is  happy to present a new clothing collection, together with the new SL boards. We will do that together with the premiere of Baeonci’s latest clip.

Saturday the 1st of December we will meet at Streetlab, 18:00, once Bryggeriet Street is over. Here we’ll have some drinks, talk some shit and check out our brand new clothing and boards. Bring a friend, bring two!
At 21:00, when we’re all gathered, had a couple of drinks, happy and stoked, we’ll continue to Bulls & Barrels over at Möllan.
There you’ll find a big screen and a good crew.
The clip is set to start 21:30 and will be featuring Axel Berggren, Oskar Rozenberg, Heitor Da Silva, Elias Mensi and many more rippers located in Malmö.
-Think of it as a summer montage.

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