DJ, Gunnar Wendel from Leipzig, Germany


Since 2011, the producer and DJ, Gunnar Wendel (a.k.a Kassem Mosse), from Leipzig, Germany has operated as part of the Ominira label – a loose collective of artists and friends that functions as a focal point for hard-to-define sounds.

Thus far, the group has released EPs and tapes by artists such as Move D, Beatrice Dillon, Throwing Shade, and Kassem Mosse himself – as well as under different aliases, such as The Siege Of Troy. Stylistically, there has been a focus on electronic sounds, from house to techno, as well as disparate elements of drone, noise, ambient, folk, jazz, and experimental. Its artists are equally as hard to pinpoint as its sound, with Ominira often releasing projects by newcomers, or one-off forays into different territories, typically by artists wanting the shun the limelight.

The Ominira collective turned in a mix that mirrors the many different facets of their unconventional, free-spirited label, with a sonically diverse show that rewards considerate ears and listeners who want to dive deep into the music. As usual, we also asked them some questions, to help us gain a deeper insight into a label that typically likes to let the music do the talking.

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