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Carhartt WIP is pleased to present a mix by Melbourne’s Butter Sessions. Initially launched as a blog, it has since transformed into one of Australia’s most interesting labels for electronic music, supporting talented new local artists like Mos Howieson and Ewan Jansen, as well as friends from overseas such as DJ Fett Burger, Jayda G and Villa Åbo.

The label’s managers, Corey Kikos and Maryos Syawish, are also known as Sleep D – a duo famed for their masterful house, techno, disco, ambient and experimental productions, in addition to thrilling live sets and heavy-hitting DJ shows. Not ones to take a formulaic approach, their output is informed by a variety of sounds and an open-minded spirit, which is also mirrored in the graphic accompaniments to each release.

Although Sleep D have already played numerous European shows, including a couple of appearances at Panorama Bar, the pair, originally from a suburb of Melbourne called Frankston, are still based in Australia, supporting and helping the local music scene to grow, and still surprising with forward-thinking sounds. For Carhartt WIP Radio they put together a sublime downtempo mix, which includes upcoming label material. And answered us soem questions about theri work and more.

Cale Sexton – Intercom
Sleep D – Untitled (Demo Mix)
Low Flung – Shallow Sleep
Low Flung – Deep Dribble
Mousse – Bare With Me
Sleep D – Bunyip Beat
Turner Street Sound – Dunes (Oceanic Mix)
Cale Sexton – Speak Into It

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