SOTTO TORCHIO Magazine Launch Verona 31.05.2018

goodtimes & wine testing Photo by Davide Biondani

Skateboarding tour, Goodtimes & wine testing….GOTTA LOVE IT  !!!! Photo by Davide Bandana


CARHARTT WIP is pleased to present its latest skate project, SOTTO TORCHIO, created in partnership with UK skateboarding magazine GREY, and its European online peer A BRIEF GLANCE. Taking inspiration from the editor of A Brief Glance’s passion for wine, a typical skate tour was combined with a wine-tasting tour around four regions in Northern Italy. With each region, came new terrain to skate and a different winery to check out.


The result is a 76-page magazine documenting the trip, with photography by Davide Biondani and Henry Kingsford. This publication will be available in Carhartt WIP stores, as well as stockists of Grey and A Brief Glance in Italy and the UK.



Photo by Henry Kingsford

Photo by Henry Kingsford


Photo by Henry Kingsford



There is also an accompanying three and a half minute film, shot by Alberto Chimenti and edited by Romain Batard, which features Carhartt WIP skaters JOE GAVIN, MAURO CARUSO, JONAS SKRODER, and MICHAL JURAS.





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