The COMEBACK PLAN, 5 Steps to get in shape

Peter ( standing) from the rehab has seen and advised a lot of skaters…


This is for the skateboarders, that wanna come back on the board,…

So you read the LODGEPLAN to start skateboarding again (?, find on our page) A bit of a surprise, that so many read this and because of this +  requests from the readers, we introduce the Comeback plan, this is POST 2 out of …we dont yet…till you are out shredding again. The comeback plan is your NEW way of living. ( please share this with your friend(s) that needs to get the fark out and SHRED.



1 FOOD !! YOU NEED to Eat right. Make sure you’re eating the best foods to fuel your body, that is including lots of veggies, lean proteins, fresh fruits and healthy fats. And drink lots of water, and lots more on the days you work out, to keep your hardworking body hydrated and energized. I mean, what kind of fuel would you give a ferrari ?…

2. Set a “workout”  goal. And give yourself enough time to reach it. Your mission is the motivation, to skateboard & shred hard again.  That will keep you going on days when you feel like giving up. Be sure to create smaller goals too (such as doing 15 sit-ups or other goal ), and reward yourself when you reach them.

3. a workout plan. Aim for 3 x 1 hour  / 30-40 minute workouts each week, at specific times, maybe in the morning before work.(?) you decide.( and yes, you do not  really need a gym…yet)  Your exercise schedule needs to be as important as any other appointment you have. Vary your routine, maybe it’s core training one day and on the bike the another,  try and challenge yourself.  And of cause you take the BIKE to work. You work outplan is off cause a supplement to your skateboarding routine (read POST 1 again) Your workouts benefits your skateboarding.

4. Reality check. Be completely honest with yourself about how fit you are. Getting in shape is a personal journey that requires a realistic self-perspective; some novice exercisers are overly ambitious and begin a workout plan or set goals that are too hard on their bodies. So take it slow. Keep your focus on where you are and the progress you’ve made, you are already doing a good job reading this !!

5. Support. You’re less likely to bail on a workout if you know a friend is waiting for you, and having a partner is good for emotional support too. Seek out people who have a contagious “You can do it!” attitude and who embody the workout lifestyle you want. But don’t compare yourself to fit types or ANY other persons. You can not compare you self with others. This concept do not work.  This is always to good to have a partner for support, BUT The motivation alone to start skateboarding again should be motivating enough, do not wait for your “partner” that cancel your workout class…. YOU DO IT. YOU ARE DOING IT !

Wanna skate with Hugo ? you better step it up. photo: Thomas Kring

Wanna skate with Hugo ? you better step it up. photo: Thomas Kring

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