Lodgecocktail 1617

Lodgecocktail 1617




Here is 35 mins of Iphone clips from 2016-2017 in a great cocktail, footage and leftovers from 2016-2017, should get you STOKED for the day, please enjoy  !



Morten Westh,  Oski, Hjalte Halberg, Ville Vester, Rune Glifberg, Hugo Boserup, Jonas Skrøder, Thomas Kring, Nicky Guerrero, Oscar Grønbech, Lukas Olsen, Fredrik Høfner, Rasmus, Ville, Victor, Martin Solkongen, Keld, Rasmus Sand, Mads Sand, Ishod wair, Aravin Nathan & Many More.

Edits: Thomas Kring & other homies.

Filmed: Thomas Kring, and & other great homies, footage somehow ended up here in the lodge clip.

Thanks for watching, submitting,  and supporting the lodge, keep it coming  !! 


IMG_5337 IMG_6532 IMG_8032 IMG_8586 IMG_9725

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