Vert ramp status in fælledparken, Copenhagen



One of the reason, the vert is getting a make over is the platform was very rotten. Oh yeah, homeless people has been living under da ramp for years. New platforms on the way.



We are not sure how many lived under da ramp…but lots of homeless. Ramp will be done in ca 2-3 weeks…


The extensions will be cut down and the escalator evened out. The Roll in will be cut down and made into a bank with a coping / pool coping on top. ( channels stays) new sheets here and there, depending on the budget. 1 extension stays, corner(s)  stays. The ramp will be more simple…EASY.  PS: Copenhagen vert skateboarders are STILL looking for a indoor place for the Copenhagen skatepark vert….YOU HAVE  INDOOR PLACE  ?




Nicky is stoked.

Extra thanks to:  

Tobias plass, Frederik Tanghøj, Gerald, Keld Aabjørn, Willam Frederiksen, Copenhagen skatepark & Copenhagen City for supporting the vert ramp.


GREAT Team !!

GREAT Team !!


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