CPH OPEN Q’s & A’s, Daryl Nobbs

Stealth. photo: Mattias Embretsen


What is your name ? Daryl Nobbs

Where do you currently live ? Oslo as of late, relocated from the one and only Copenhagen itself not too long ago. Or maybe its ages ago now, I don’t know Im still holding onto it ha

Where are you from ? Coventry, England

When are you coming to CPH ? Wednesday

How is your skate and party program gonna look ? I may party

Have you been to CPH OPEN before ? Some years I think, they are all pretty blurry

What are you going to bring in your bag for CPH open ? Bait ass burberry umbrella

What is your MUST DO during CPH open ? See all the cphomies its been too long

Who is going WIN CPH open ? ( please name drop) There’s a skate contest going on?

Best CPH open memory / story ? again its all really hazy I think its been fun!

What CPH spots are you going to skate during the CPH open ? BROEN

Any bars you are going to during CPH ? gotta pay a visit to the old local mckluuds standardly

Who are you looking forward to enjoy a beer with ? Ben Devine

Who is going to win the CPH party’s? Lau Ebbesen wins any party

What are you looking forward to during CPH open ? Avoiding Beanhead

Do you think you will get lucky during CPH open ? If I manage to avoid Beanhead I would consider that very lucky

Stavanger. Photo: Johnny Coppen

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