Lodge Guest, Sam (Samuel) Prabert


What is your name ? Sam (Samuel) Prabert

Where are you from ? Malmö

How old are you ? 20

Sponsors ? Junkyard and Sweet Skateboards

Board, Trucks & Wheel size ? Sweet Sktbrds “Mountain” 8.38. Ace 44. Alta Wheels “Pedro Barros” 55

What is your normal skate terrain ? Bowls & parks

Why do you skateboarding in the first place ? Moved to Malmö just in time for Stapel being built and after seing John and co. tearing it up, I was hooked.

Tell us how a great day is looking for you Out travelling with a good crew and then skate, eat and swim all day.

Any hobbys besides skateboarding ? Doing alot with tailoring, as in suits, so when I’m off the board you probably find me running around looking like I’m in the italian mob

Favorite skateboarders at the moment ? Pedro Barros, GT, Donovon Piscopo

What is the future of skateboarding ? How do you see it ? Karl Berglind.

How do you see your own skateboarding future ? Endless moments of fun

How are you doing at the moment ? Are you fit for fight ? Never been better! Karl and my buddies got me to start hitting the gym, so you know I’m getting pretty ripped haha #beach17

Have you been on any mission(S) lately, you wanna tell about about ? Been around Europe on comps and filming with the bros on Junkyard and Sweet, Bronkboyz! We just went to Malaga, Marseille and just came back from Bilbao, checking off the list of dream parks one after one.

Who do you normally skate with ? The bros in Malmö; Karl, Osvald, Doggie, Hugo, Carlos, Kolak, Edvin, Herman etc etc

How does your weekends normally look like ? Usually working morning til afternoon, then skate until the sun goes down, meet up with the crew and get som beers and chill out.

Are you coming to CPH OPEN this summer ? For sure

What is your plan this summer, please let us know a few things your gonna do ? Just came home from the awesome trips in Europe, where I had a blast with all the bros. Now I have some local comps coming up here in Sweden, Betongcupen, which is one of the highlights of the swedish summer. Bryggeriet gathering all the Malmö rippers in a couple of van’s and hooking us up with sick tours between Swedens skateparks. Then after that some more trips and filming, so the summer is looking pretty damn good!


Photo: Ramin Golmohammadi


What is the future of vert, street or bowl ? Do you see any new directions ? I would say – style. Everyone is pulling of the most insane tricks and combinations right now, so style is more important than ever.

What motivates you at the moment ? Things I do around skating. Snowboarding, clothing or what ever makes me hyped.

Any random storys you wanna share ? First time I met Jake Phelps, skating Faelledparken and he comes biking in and slams into the grass, gets up and start talking to us about the perfect height for bowlskaters. Then after a while he stops and ask me “are you a dude or a chick?”…..it became weird really fast hahah

Do you cook food ? if so, what do you cook ? I do, but it’s more fun to eat than cook, so I might let my brother step in and do the work (he’s a chef)

Favorite food ? Burger and Sushi



How does it feel to be on the lodge ? I’m honoured

Best Lodge interview / post you have read and why ? Don’t know actually, probably all the homies ones

What should we know about you ? this is your chance to get it our there If I’m mad, it’s because I’m hungry

Any thank you’s Ofcourse a huge thanks to my family and my sponsors for making it possible for me to travel around the world and doing what I love! and thanks to my boss for hooking me up with a sick schedule hahaa

What do you want to know about other skateboarders, do we miss a question ? I’d say you got it all

Is there a special person we need to interview ? Linus James Nilsson, funniest dude!


Photo: Patrik Olsson

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