Lodge Guest, Osvald Harryson

Bs Crail Low to high – Photo cred: Ramin Golmohammadi



What is your name ? Osvald Harryson

Where are you from ? Living in Malmö at the moment.

How old are you ? 19 years old.

Sponsors ? The homies over at Streetlab are keeping me fresh!

Board, Trucks & Wheel size ? Board size: 8.25, Trucks: 144, Wheels: 56 mm

What is your normal skate terrain ? Bowl.

Why do you skateboarding in the first place ? Because I love skateboarding and all the things that come with it. High risk high reward. Hah.

Tell us how a great day is looking for you Wake up, big breakfast, coffee, smoothie, session with the boys, beers, music, BBQ, beers, sleep.

Any hobbys besides skateboarding ? I’m getting more and more into music producing and have been working on some stuff with my good homie Gustav. Right now it’s mainly just for fun but in the future we might drop something more serious. In the winter time I try to snowboard as much as I can.

What is the future of skateboarding ? How do you see it ? Skateboarding is definitely on the rise. I hope and believe that within the next couple of years we will see more skateparks, more skateboarders and more job opportunities within the skate world.

How are you doing at the moment ? Are you fit for fight ? My shoulder got dislocated for the second time a couple of days ago which kind of sucked, so I’m doing some rehab now to prevent it from happening again. Other than that I’m all good, just skating, working and doing my best to stay alive.

Have you been on any mission(S) lately, you wanna tell about about ? Had a really good time with the boys at the Swedish Championship in Skövde a couple of weeks ago. Shoutout to J-Mag and everyone else involved for organizing and making the betongcupen trips happen, they’re always a blast!

Who do you normally skate with ? Everyone who’s down for a good sesh!

How does your weekends normally look like ? I don’t really remember them, you would have to ask my friends.

What is your plan this summer, please let us know a few things your gonna do ? Just skate and have fun. The VPS European Championship is coming up this week which is gonna be a banger. In the beginning of June I will be going to Marseille for two different competitions and then almost directly to Prague afterwards for the Mystic Cup contest. Other than this I guess I’ll just take the days as they come.



Osvald on Bowl Days at the Roskilde Festival 2016 – Photo Cred: Kongeflippet



What is the future of vert, street or bowl ? Do you see any new directions ? I have no idea… Hoverboards and rocket shoes maybe? Hah.

What motivates you at the moment ? Sunshine!

Any Random storys ? I once sleepwalked naked in my ex-girlfriends house in the middle of the night. Both me and her were really glad I didn’t walk in to her parents room.

Favorite Drink ? Water.

Favorite Food ? Pasta.

How does it feel to be on the lodge ? It’s an honour!

Best Lodge interview / post you have read and why ? Hmm. I can’t really tell, most people are keeping it real here.

Any thank you’s I want to thank Streetlab for supporting me and Conrad for being Conrad. Also thanks to you Thomas for the interview!




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