Lodge Filmer, Tylre Wilcox


How long have you been filming & how did you start ?

I’ve been filming for 8 or 9 years and I started by buying a shit camera to film my friends

What kind of equipment do you use?

Sony FS7 with Canon glass. Also been using a drone quite a bit lately -What do you prefer? Crispy ass 4k –

How much money do you spend on equipment?

I’ve spent a bit over 10,000 US dollars but it’s a never ending process -Do you only shoot skateboarding? Or other? If other please list? Skateboardings definitely the main focus but I love shooting nature or anything I find visually appealing –


What is your best film mission so far ?

The one I’m on right now! Spent almost a week in Malmo, then a good bit of time in Copenhagen and now I’m shooting in Berlin!



What is the differenct from the 80 90 20 2010s in filming ?

80s was sweet, bones brigade shit was super well done thanks to Stacy Peralta, 90s was kind of wack because street skating was brand new and no one quite knew how to film it yet, 2000’s was sweet because VX was high quality then and people really knew how to use them and 2010’s is just weird. The HVX came out in 2008 or so and that was skateboardings first taste of High Def footage. HVX looked pretty amazing for the time but people still tried hanging on to VX. As more and more people started using Digital Cinema Cameras such as Sony fs700/fs5/fs7 & Red’s a knew style of skateboard filming was born and HVX now looks kind of shit comparatively…. aaaaand people still try hanging onto VX. –

Who do you preferred to film with?

I love filming with Jimmy, Clay, Rune, Perelson & all the boys, but would love to dive into more street skating endeavors! –





Do you wanna share any proud filming moments ?

I don’t really like talking about myself but I guess just filming with childhood heroes such as Steve Cab & Rune –





Any film advises?

Tripods are great, drones & gimbals are cool, Canon 8-15mm Fisheye is loads better than that Rokinon shit. Oh & experiment, make mistakes & never stop learning!!




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