Part #2 : Five underrated, overlooked, forgotten or just-worth-watching-again videoparts

Casey Rigney – Arcade Promo (2001)
This guy is one of the most underrated dudes of all time. And 2011 is actually a kind of “new” part with him. I don’t know what he’s up to now. He had an amazing part in a Digital “Sane” from 2004 which also starred young Jayme Fortune and Joey Brezinski. Casey’s part in GET FAMILIAR is the fucking shit too. Apparently none of these parts are on YouTube??? Damn. Well this Arcade comeback promo is dope. The company never really made it back though. Only a short visit.


Pete Eldridge – Plain And Simple (2007)
My legendary roomie FB has taught me everything i need to know about Pete Eldridge. Don’t front.


Tim O’ Connor & Ed Selego – Inhabitants (2007)
Tim is a favorite. He never films a shitty or sloppy trick. Always had the best selection. The line with back tail shove it, fakie bigspin flip and back tail fs 27o is the one i always get stoked on. There is of course legendary parts with Tim from Yellow, Eastern Exposure, Mosaic, Element videos and so on.. But this is a short and simple part that i really like. Ed Selego is dope too.


Brian Anderson – Super Champion Funzone (2005)
This was in the bonus segment of a classic Fourstar tour video (which by the way is one of the best things to ever happen on a DVD). Great part from Brian Anderson. I really like the vibe in this one. Many lines and i get the feeling that he enjoyed filming this.


Paul Sharpe & Cairo Foster – Tilt Mode Bonus Round (2009)
2 veterans having fun. Cairo is a hard working dude and i always liked him.. That last nollie flip is so good. The Tilt Mode videos has always been funny and stuffed with good skating. This is a relatively new video but with the same good vibes. Nestor Judkins has a great part in it. Louie Barletta too.

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  1. kongen af youtube says:

    her er de ene casey part i hvert fald!

  2. suba suba says:

    Some really prime posts on this site, saved to bookmarks.

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