Lodge Guest, Nicolai Kramer

Nicolai Kramer

Nicolai Kramer, singing a madonna. Photo: Gerald

Name: Nicolai Kramer

Current: Job / school: Electrician

Where are you from? Valby, Copenhagen

Where do you currently live? Sydhavn, Copenhagen

Family status: Got mom’s site here in Denmark and a huge family in northen sweden

Age: 25

Sponsors: Nah

Years of skateboarding: 12 years

Board size: 8,5

Wheel size: 55mm

Trucks: 149

I change set up every: When the setup feels pain

Current Board trend: Anti-hero or cash skateboarding



Please state your type of terrain on your board in %

Street: 10%

Miniramp: 30%

Long board: 0%

Vert: 20%

Bowl: 40%

Your daily DAY by the hours, (or tell us about your longest day the last weeks)

This is my Friday!!!

06.00 on work

07.00 still on work

08.00 work

14.00 work

15.00 Off work

16.00 skate

21.00 home take a shower and get ready for heavy drinking

22.00 herning crew arrives at my place

23.00 getting there

24.00 farked

01.00 still farked

02.00 more farked

03.00 very farked

04.00 grabbing something to eat

05.00 passing out

How are you doing at the moment? Im ok, just hard not skating

How is your body at the moment , (injuries, knees, and so so ) ?

I broke my leg over 2 months ago and still waiting for last x ray to give green light

Please comment your feelings about Skateboarding in the

80s Dope!

90s Dope!

2000 Dope!

2010+ Gonna be dope!

When I chill, I chill with,

EMIL, TOBIAS, Andreas, kussen, stolen, lasse, ruddersvin, fumle, hønse, jais, gerald, lukas, johan, fønss, tryksparksminde, marcus vik(Where he’s here)

I’m have been on a mission lately in (with)

Høve, ruddersvin, Lukas and Fredrik in halmstad to a Halloween contest where I broke my leg on a 540 attempt

Dream session would be, A bowl session with everyone who’s hyped with loud metal music!

Lately I have been working on, On my 1 minute rice skills, I can do them in 54 seconds!

When I was little I would like to, Skate alot

When im home I like to, When im home I usually sleep, bang dem ladyz, drinking or playing games

I normally call my homies for, Skating and drinking.

Your homies are,

EMIL, TOBIAS, Andreas, kussen, stolen, lasse, ruddersvin, fumle, hønse, jais, gerald, lukas, johan, fønss, tryksparksminde, marcus vik, i could put so many more names on but there’s not enough space haha

I enjoy going to, Skatepark, bars



Favorite drink:  Beer!

Favorite food: Beer and a juicy beef!

Favorite drug: Skateboard and beer!

Favorite music, Metallica

Favorite film, All three hobbits film’s

Favorite skateboarders, Juergen Horrwarth, brad mcclain, Michael Jensen, Føllet, Peter Sargent and Mads Christensen

Favorite skate film, Lord of dogtown

Favorite skatepark, Skatehalle berlin

Favorite spot, Fælledparken for sure

Favorite woman: Janice Griffith!!

When I cook, I cook, Beef, potato and potatoes

To go to resturant is, Burger king for sure

To go to trick is, Bs Tail

To go to trick when you are farked is, Madonna!

To go to trick when you are winning is, Hopefully next time it’s a 540

TOP 3 Cities: Copenhagen, Halmstad, Malmø

When I travel, I always bring, Skateboard, money’s, clothes, phone, that’s it I think

Best travel advice I can give is, Don’t get caught bangin’ a lady on a beach in an muslim country, can give you up to 8 years in jail. And don’t break your leg

Best travel memory you want to share? First time in halmstad where Lukas and Frederik both spooned shampoo, that conversation was hilarious. Think 75% of skaters knows the story

When I do not skateboard I, Drink or play video games

My fitness program is, Skating and drinking, I find that very healthy

When I get old I want to, Still skate

I would NEVER, Quit skating again!

Where do you stand & please comment with skateboarding in the olympics ?

If it gives us more skateparks its dope. But is a mixed kinda feeling. Still It could be sick to ride for Denmark!

I would like to see more of, Bisse drinking and skating a lot more of everything when this leg is fresh

That one time where I was in jail because of,

Once on strøget inner city, I was a complete mess, and with traffic cones standing In my way I was throwing them everywhere and yelling and being a real shit. The police came and my childhood friend jimmy stood up and said the guys ran around the corner, they believed him, but my drunk mind said to them that it was jimmy who did it, so the police got over him haha.

I should do more of, Skating!

My future looks like, Exciting!

I dream of, Staying young forever and skating forever

The book I currently read is, Books hahaha…

The best travel I have been on, Herning trip

The worst travel(s) I have been on was, Aaaand herning trip again, really fucks up your body and makes you wish you were never born

On Netflix I watch, Z nation, Marvel agents of shield!

If I could change the world I would, Make peace , and after, more skateparks, imagine every 7-11 being a skatepark! daaaaamn

Everybody should own a, Skateboard

The hobby I have, no one knows about is, Sometimes I skate street, huh.

I will never get rid of, Skating again, and friends!

I would love to be in a movie with, Janice Griffith for sure!!

Any regrets in life so far ? I quit skating at the age of 17, 6 years after I kinda woke up again. Biggest regret

I currently follow (social media, instagram twitter, Facebook) NicoHorrwarth snapchat NicoBoombastic Insta


Anything else, Komma dansa lite me papa!!

Thanks, Cheers, blezzzz!

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