2016-2017 Highlights with Nicolai Minde Sverdrup

Please name 5 random things that you want to HIGHLIGHT & WHY for 2016


  1. Germany/jylland tour with jared, jais, alexander and bisse. Very fun.
  2. Barcelona tour with holiday crew!! From holiday
  3. Berlin tour was really fun too, same crew!
  4. Roskilde 2016. Aab won that shit. Very fun competing with the other teams. Fucking them up hehehe
  5. And always fun to go home to Jylland and meet up with all my friends and family!
  6. And Herning is always fire!!!!


Please name 5 things that you want to DO and HIGHLIGHT for 2017 and why


  1. I want to get my body in shape to skate again, i am dealing with osteoarthritis, and that sucks..
  2. Hope to go on some tours!
  3. Cph open!
  4. Roskilde maybe?!


News years resolutions ? Try not to eat that much meat, and maybe not party that much. I also want to visit my mon a little more in Sweeden.

Anything else ? Loove all my friends and family

Thanks ? Shredderslodge!!!

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