Lodge Guest, Robin Roos

Name: Robin Roos

Current: Job / school: Unemployed

Where are you from? Trelleborg, Sweden

Please name ( if posissible ) please name a cool place from where you are from? Häckeberga Naturreservat

Where do you currently live? Varberg

( if posissible ) please name a cool spot from where you are from? Since there’s nothing to skate in Trelleborg i have to say the skatepark

What nationaly do you feel the most? Swedish

Family status: Single

Age: 28

Sponsors: Streetlab (discount)

Years of skateboarding: 18ish years

Board size: 8.6

Wheel size: 56mm

Trucks: Indys 149

I change set up every: Once a year, maybe

Current Board trend: Nothing


Please state your type of terrain on your board in hours, days and years or other

(Skatepark) Flow Street: 1%

Bowl: 99%

How are you doing at the moment? Feeling good

How is your body at the moment, (injuries, knees, back, and so)? Healed and ready for new injuries

When did you start to skate and why? What tricked you into this? Started in the mid 90s. I saw Andreas ”Ante” Andersson and his friends skating while i was playing football with my friends. After that i got my mom to buy me a board.

Do you think you made the right choice (instead of playing football FX?)? Yes

Where do you stand & please comment with skateboarding in the Olympics? Don’t like it too much. But i really don’t care.

Where do you stand in terms of politics? Hate politics.

I’m have been on a mission lately in (with) A trip to Australia.

Dream session would be, with the boys




Beer: Turborg grön

Lunch: Rolls with skagenröra

Dinner: Crayfish, game meat, hamburgers

Skateboarders: Cardiel, Schaaf, Gonz

Skatepark: Stapelbäddsparken

Skate film / clip: Anything with Cardiel, Schaaf and Gonz. And Fulfill the dream.

You fave Tricks: Bs tailslide

Actors: Will Ferrell

Camera: Canon

Phone: Iphone 6s

APP: Safari/Google

Bike: Honda cb550 cafe racer, and Max Schaaf’s 4q bobber

When was the last time you really won big time? Never

When I travel, I always bring, My camera

Best travel advice I can give is, Drink beer

Best life advice I can give is, Drink beer

Are you good with money (do you plan, safe it, cash in or blow it)? Saving as much as i can.

When I do not skateboard I, Take photos, exploring.

My fitness program is, Skate, ride on fixies

Do you care about your health? As much as i can

Anything that concerns you at the moment? No

When I get old I want to, Drive a cool car, ride a cool bike, ride my skateboard.

I would like to see more of, The world

I should do more of, Skating

My future looks like, Going back to Australia

I dream of some day that I would, Get rich

On Netflix / YouTube / Internet I watch,   Documentaries


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